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GttNz 15th September 2014 21:14

Door Assembly & Hanging
Hi Folks,

Does anyone have any pics relating to door assembly? Ideally MG (TF?) central locking latches not Rover.

Anything relating to the door/window/hinge/latch assembly etc would be appreciated before I drill/cut too much glass ;-)



EddyP 15th September 2014 22:08

Hi Andy

You shouldn't need to cut any glass from the doors it should all just bolt into place. I can have a trawl through my photos for you and see what i've got. There should be a drawing in the pack Chris sent to you too.
Can you PM me your email address and I'll send some pics over.

GttNz 17th September 2014 05:49

Have sent a PM Ed - Thanks.

Apologies for any heart attacks - I missed an apostrophe, I had meant cutting the door fibreglass of course not the actual door glass!

EddyP 17th September 2014 05:52

Sent you an email last night, hopefully you got it.

I guessed you meant the FG not the door glass, don't worry! :lol:

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