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HouseMartin 24th February 2015 23:47

Feb 2015 update
Just to keep the updates flowing.

I have ticked off a couple of Jobs from my MOT list.

The battery is now secured with a metal strap.

I have removed the bonnet into the shed and purchased the landrover front indicators.
Finally I have decided to attach them to the either side of the front grill as per No.1 and No.5.
Fitted some vw campervan chrome surrounds to the headlights and am currently messing about with difernt options for the front grill.

The low level unpresurized overflow bottle has not been located yet,
but I have blanked off the radiator and thermostat pipes with some nice red silicon caps.
These are required as I now have a combined thermostat pressure cap housing and can get rid of the high level expansion bottle
that was in the way of the bonnet closing .

I have also exchanged the sheet steel front bumper supports for angle iron for easier access to the radiator fan, horns, timing marks and steering rack.
Previous I could not do this as the bonnet was supported by these panels.

I am working on the heater inlet cover and hope to have that fitted for next months update.

I really do not want to get the floors and door sorted but cannot mess with fibreglass
when the temp under the carport is only a couple of degrees above freezing.

Hopefully a bigger update next month


Paul L 25th February 2015 14:48

HouseMartin - Every job done counts. :cool:

I was actually surprised at the number of fibreglass jobs I managed to do in the cold weather.

I just made sure I only made up small batches and used a higher than "normal" catalyst ratio.

Either way, there are definitely some signs that Spring is on its way. :pray:

Good luck, Paul. :)

HouseMartin 10th June 2015 23:23

Slow progress
Another month passes by with no update and but some progress.

I now have:

The front indicators mounted and working in the bonnet grill

The bonnet fasteners complete, but the wheel arches now need some work to align them with the wheels.

The expansion bottle secured in the enine bay

The heater inlet cover cover fitter, but it is just a blank with no intake!

The speedo connected and the dash secured, apart from the glove box.
I am undecided if I relocate the light and wiper switches to the main dash or keep the console arangement.

The rear view mirror is still to do!

I have reshaped the floor and tunnel and reprofiles the old simitar seats so they are more curved around the shoulder and lower in the car,
but i still have to fix them to the floor.

Both door now close and latch using the scimitar latches and door handle.

However they need some serious cut and shut to folllow the contours of the body.

Battery Ok

Bootlid secured with self tappers. but i would like to make a bigger opening see chalk marks..

So maybe MOT stage by August


garyh 11th June 2015 08:44

HM, you're still making progress. I would it the buttons in the dash...

Nike55 12th June 2015 22:30

Great work! Looking forward to pictures when you get the chance.

Paul L 13th June 2015 05:44

House Martin - That sounds like serious progress to me. :cool:

Especially when you mention "doors"! :eek:

Although it does sound like you have a lot of fibre glass repair work to do. :icon_sad:

Good luck, Paul. :)

+1 to looking forward to more photos.

HouseMartin 28th June 2015 23:04

Turn around

Originally Posted by Nike55 (Post 68152)
Great work! Looking forward to pictures when you get the chance.

here you go..
I managed to get the engine started again and finally opened the garage doors to get a little drive.
It is good to sit behind the wheel and move, even if it is only a few feet.
Especially good on a sunny day.

The photos highlight that the roll hoops spoil the look of the car.
However they do enable me to put a temp hard cover between them and the screen to keep the cats out!
Lots of hard work for nothing, unless I take it for a track day.
At least they are easily removed with 4 bolts.

When the car body is trapped in an enclosed space, you miss areas that are still outstanding.
Glassing the body cut at the bottom or the doors is now no1 on my list.

The switches from the console are now in the dash, Lights, Wipers/Washer, Heater fan and Heated rear window.
The glove box even latches and locks!

Turning the car around gives also gives me access to correct the wheel arch misalignment.
Back to the garage.
If I could just acquire the headlight covers from a 718.

Almost there, I need to get a matching set of wheel and good tyres for the MOT.
Can't wait for the drive to the garage.


Paul L 29th June 2015 21:44

HouseMartin - I hope the last round of jobs before the MOT go well.

I think the roll hoops might actually make the car look more period.
( As they look like a new addition to an older car if that makes sense. )

Good luck, Paul. :)

Mister Towed 30th June 2015 07:22


Originally Posted by Paul L (Post 68765)
HouseMartin -
I think the roll hoops might actually make the car look more period.
( As they look like a new addition to an older car if that makes sense.

Hmm, with a bit of work maybe...


HouseMartin 5th July 2015 20:17


Originally Posted by Paul L (Post 68765)
HouseMartin As they look like a new addition to an older car if that makes sense.Good luck, Paul. :)

That's exactly what they are! Audi TT roll bars.
I think the only parts from a modern car that I have used so far.

Nice picture Mr T, I like the central rear view mirror.
So now I feel a outing with some dark grey paint and the removal of the passenger hoop may be the way forward.


HouseMartin 9th May 2016 00:05

2016 update
Well I am still tinkering around the edges, but not getting any closer to a finished my G46 as the 4 year mark approaches.

Major step forwards this weekend.

I have finally managed to secure the windscreen.
Thick metal tube spacer to raise the mounting point of the windscreen uprights to give the required angle so that i was looking through the screen rather than over it.
Creating of a fibreglass lip on the bulk head to meet the glass has taken longer than I had hoped as the bulkhead curves and screen curves were a little out.

Several sessions of filler and sanding to get the profile of the lip to match the curve of the screen and a final touch up in mat black before the rubber seal and lower silver filler strip.
The scimitar wipers arms were cut down with a hacksaw and bent in the vice only needing a spot well to hold the new 9" blades.
The twin 90 degree washer jets are both missing the wipers so i go for 2 to a single set in the middle so I can hit both blade from the same jet.

Just the rod mount interior mirror to finish that job. The rod being tension by a nut accessible under the heater inlet panel.

Next job is seeing if I can lower the steering wheel a couple of inches inch for better visibility of the dials. Before starting with the interior.


Paul L 9th May 2016 18:55

Great to see an update. :cool:

Not really sure what has happened to all the other G-46 builders.

Good luck, Paul. :)

I'll be happy if I finish my build before 5 years are up. :rolleyes:

HouseMartin 24th July 2016 15:33

July Update
I have fitted new bushes to the door hinges as the original scimitar ones has lots of play that mean closing the doors was difficult.
The door hand now unlocks by pulling rather than pushing.
The scimitar door cards now fit snugly on the doors and
Rear view mirror now fixed to the centre rod.

I also now have a working fuel gauge, so I know it has not all evaporated over the last 3 and a bit years,
I expect the fuel is probably past it’s “use by” date by now.
The cooling fan now blows cold air through the radiator from the front
rather than trying to sucking air though the radiator and out the front grill,
which was somewhat pointless when the car is moving.

The wire wheel adapters needed modification as the wheels fastened against the 4 nuts, rather than the hub taper.
This was due to the scimitars ½” threads rather than the 3/8” threads used on Triumphs.
I purchased a 25mm 90 degree counter sink drill to recess then a little further so they are all fitted and looking good.

Looking forward to driving off into the sunset:

Next few jobs:

Oil and filter change
Adjust the handbrake and remove slight steering play.
Tweek the headlight aim and fit some perspex covers

Then the rub down for a paint job

scimjim 24th July 2016 16:24


Originally Posted by HouseMartin (Post 81339)
The cooling fan now blows cold air through the radiator from the front rather than trying to sucking air though the radiator and out the front grill, which was somewhat pointless when the car is moving.

I take it the fan was wired the wrong way? 24th July 2016 18:35

always refreshing to see a G46 posting. Love the roads up your way I assume you can go out road testing and not worry about being pulled up.

I have to ask what colour will she become, Have my G46 on view from my temporary office now a constant inspiration when working, hope to start back on her before the end of the year after I have finished my office/barn build.

garyh 24th July 2016 21:20

lovely job with the windscreen.

Paul L 24th July 2016 22:16

HouseMartin - Sounds (& looks) like you are making great progress. :cool:

I bet you can't believe that it is almost time for paint after all these years.

You are one of the few "long term" builds still being updated and seeing you get so close give me hope too.

Good luck, Paul. :)

Mister Towed 25th July 2016 07:20

Hi HM, great work so far, it's going to look great in paint. Nice to see another G46 coming together.

I know you got your 356 screen and frame way back in December 2012, but can I ask where you got it from? Was it a one off or does the source supply them commercially?

Sorry for the questions but I'm looking for a source of complete Speedster screens with the posts and top frame at the moment and all I can seem to find in the UK is the screen and side posts, but not the ally top frame.

I know Chesil and Martin & Walker have them, but I'm anticipating that they may not be too keen on selling them to someone who's not using one of their kits - it'd be a bit like contacting Caterham to ask for a windscreen for a Westfield...

Cheers HM, keep up the good work. :)

Paul L 25th July 2016 07:35

Mr T - Spooky!

While the rest of my family were still asleep, I'd actually re-read this build tread from the start this morning.

So I know the post about the windscreen is here:

Hope that helps, Paul. :)

HouseMartin - Re-reading the thread confirms what an epic job you have done to reach this stage. :cool:

lancelot link 25th July 2016 08:42

I know Chesil will sell screens seperately as a mate bought one ...and I bought several 550 screens from M & W in the early Sammio days , so again , they are happy to sell their products too ..

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