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WorldClassAccident 6th February 2021 16:51

Oh bugger - how easy to fix?
i am sure I should come up with a clever story about this but I just tried to close the roof with a fake handle sticking out over the window. Made a nice po when it went.

How easy to replace or do I just call a glass specialist?

Jaguartvr 6th February 2021 20:02

Fiddly but not impossible, I would take the door off and place it on a table with a blanket underneath.
Windows are cheap and plentiful, have a look at eBay or the Zed forum

Lucky@LeMans 6th February 2021 20:39

Its not a big job when you have the replacement window ready to fit.

WorldClassAccident 6th February 2021 21:50

£29 side glass on order. Now to google fitting it.

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