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redratbike 27th March 2018 19:32


Bet you had a big grin on your face

lancelot link 27th March 2018 19:37

That works ......

Lucky@LeMans 27th March 2018 19:38

It was more a sigh of relief ! It does actually go together !

molleur 27th March 2018 19:55

Awesome! The devil will be in the details, as always.
Looking really great!

Lucky@LeMans 27th March 2018 21:20


Originally Posted by molleur (Post 93989)
Awesome! The devil will be in the details, as always.
Looking really great!

The rear end will to mount up to the chassis. A few simple brackets welded the chassis and matching brackets welded to the original steel tube structure of the rear end will secure it in place. The front end will need more work to mount it. The doors are simple but require the hinging method to be worked out.

molleur 27th March 2018 22:03

Shouldn't be too horrible to fab some tubing for the front.
Hinges, etc. will be easy enough for you as well.
In all, a bit of time is necessary. Looking splendid right now!

JG 27th March 2018 22:53


Paul L 29th March 2018 04:53

Lucky – I know you did your homework before buying the body shell, but that really has worked out very well. :cool:

Good luck, Paul. :)

DaveP 30th March 2018 07:12

I know it’s early stages but - bl@@by hell looks wicked.

Thanks for sharing


Lucky@LeMans 1st April 2018 21:56

Not much progress this weekend other than to make a small repair on the lower chassis rail and tidy up some of chassis where panels had been attached. I need to redrill my hub adaptors to the correct PCD before fitting the wheels and lining up the body.

kevemm 2nd April 2018 13:43

Looks excellent!!

striker1660 4th April 2018 11:58

hi lucky, tried to contatc you. did you get my messages?

Lucky@LeMans 4th April 2018 15:20

No I didn't, send a pm.

Lucky@LeMans 9th April 2018 22:40

Had some larger 185/80 - 15 tyres fitted to the rear wheels. They fill the arches really nicely, just waiting on the machine shop to finish modding my hub adaptors so I can bolt them on.
Once that's done I can line up the rear end accurately and make some bracketry to hold it in place. The front end will require considerably more work but I'm quite happy with progress so far! Photos to follow.

molleur 9th April 2018 23:26

Eagerly awaiting the pics...

striker1660 10th April 2018 11:23

Hi lucky have sent e mail can you check pleas. Thanks.

Lucky@LeMans 12th April 2018 22:20

Wheel adaptors came back today. I've only offered one of the rear wheels up tonight but it looks just right. I'll get the others mounted up and I should be in a position to finalise the rear body fitment over the weekend.
Also ordered a 15" wood rim steering wheel of a similar design to the original TR. I plan to make the interior look like the original cars did back in the 1950's.

Lucky@LeMans 14th April 2018 18:00

All the wheels mounted up today and offered the body work up again. After a lot of jiggling around its all sitting pretty square over the chassis. I've made some brackets to attach the rear end in place and welded these to the chassis. I'm making eight attachment points which should be plenty once its all bolted down. Front end and doors next.

Lucky@LeMans 16th April 2018 21:23

A couple of weeks to Stoneliegh , there's a slim possibility it might be on the road by then !

JG 16th April 2018 21:37

Wow that would be some going :tea:

Pics, we need pics!

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