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Lucky@LeMans 10th August 2020 20:04

These are the GRP ones supplied in the kit. They are about 2.5 - 3mm thick. I think they will be satisfactory once finished so on this occasion I won't make aluminium trims.

Jaguartvr 10th August 2020 20:04

I do like the thinner version but not keen on the fact that you can see the rim on the inside.
I would suggest you have them chrome wrapped, get it done professionally and the results can be stunning and not very expensive.
Silver paint always looks like silver paint.

Lucky@LeMans 10th August 2020 20:08

I chrome wrapped the 275 surrounds and they were ok from 6 feet away ! To be fair I think I could do a better job on these, I might give it a go ! I can trim the GRP rim on the inside a bit more. I'm going to paint the buckets silver so they shouldn't show too much in the end.

redratbike 15th August 2020 15:01

Have you seen the latest rear end pics ?

Lucky@LeMans 15th August 2020 18:08

Thanks, yes I've checked out progress. Should have the first one out of the mould by the end of the month or perhaps a bit sooner !

I've completed the door cards which have turned out pretty good. I also chrome wrapped the head light surrounds. Far more convincing than on my 275, perhaps I'm getting the hang of wrapping !

Still might get this finished by the end of September !

redratbike 15th August 2020 18:08

Great news

Lucky@LeMans 18th August 2020 10:30

2 Attachment(s)
Here are the chrome wrapped headlight rims with 4mm piping between the trim and the perspex, worked out pretty well......

Jaguartvr 18th August 2020 10:58

Much better than paint! They look very good, I chrome wrapped my windscreen surround and was very pleased with the result.

Lucky@LeMans 20th August 2020 22:07

1 Attachment(s)
Rear end buck ready to take a mould.......

Munky 21st August 2020 02:00

The headlights look amazing!

Lucky@LeMans 4th September 2020 17:01

Collected the rear end yesterday and trial fitted earlier today. All good, everything lines up. Chris has utilised the Z3 boot hinges on this kit so the boot lid is a quick and easy fit. The gas struts fitted to the hinges mean you don't need to fit an extra boot stay. The rear moulding also makes use of the upper mounting points from the Z3 wings so it all helps alignment and a quick assembly.
Plans for the weekend include fitting twin filler caps, recessed into the upper part of the rear wings. I also want to french in the rear lights a little further along with the rear number plate light.
The deep dish BMW wheels might get a 10mm spacer each side so they really fill out the arches. Lowering springs will be decided upon when everything is fitted and the car driven a bit, I've got a feeling it might settle a little.
Photos to follow !

molleur 4th September 2020 19:51

Appears to be a well thought out kit.

zagmad 5th September 2020 19:32

Any chance of a shooting brake :-)

Lucky@LeMans 6th September 2020 19:22

Managed to make a little progress. I've decided not to fit the twin filler caps on the rear wings. I mocked them up in place but they just spoilt the flowing lines of the car. So instead I've decided to use the Z3 filler flap with the subsequent cut out from the body fitted over it. This worked well on my 275 kit and with the midnight blue paint you'll hardy notice it. So if anyone wants a pair of alloy 3"Monza style caps pm me, £50 the pair plus P&P.
Mods were done to the frenched rear light mounts, just the upper indicator light mounts needed a tweak so the lamps fitted in a bit deeper and squarer in the recess.

Zagmad, I stumbled over an ebay ad the other day for a DB7 shooting brake kit to fit a SE6 Scimitar. I didn't save the ad and I haven't found it again. Think he had several "kit" options, but the advert description was really bad, you would need to talk to him ! The photos of the finished car were pretty convincing.

Lucky@LeMans 10th September 2020 18:40

Most of the prep is done, just a light skim of filler here and there but nothing major. I've had the rear end and boot lid on and off a few times but I'm happy with the fit now.
Looks like a warm and dry few days coming up so I'm hoping to get the paint done by this time next week !

Lucky@LeMans 13th September 2020 20:16

I can see why body shops charge so much for paint ! Another day spent prepping, sanding and a bit more filler ! To be fair the panels are pretty good but the more prep you do the more you find to do ! Should get some primer on it early this week.

IanA 14th September 2020 14:04

Try some high-build primer, might mean less filling before sanding.

Lucky@LeMans 14th September 2020 19:21

High build primer is next, I needed to get it close before hand ! 40c in the garage at 3pm but I managed to get a fair bit done by 7pm. All masked up and ready for primer, hope it isn't quite so hot tomorrow afternoon. Humidity should stay low enough when I'm ready for top coat later in the week.

Lucky@LeMans 15th September 2020 19:05

Lol, 35c today when I was ready. Too hot for me and the paint ! Change of plans Wednesday so I'm in with a chance to get some paint on about midday !

Lucky@LeMans 17th September 2020 18:03

3 Attachment(s)
Got some paint on the car today, at last ! Not too bad considering its the first car I've painted in 20 years or so and I wasn't an expert back then ! First time with 2k paint as well. A few areas will need a wet sand and polish but on the whole pretty good ! The council decided to mow the grass and kick up loads of dust in the playing field opposite me just as I was finishing up, couldn't believe it !! Luckily the paint was going off enough not to worry about it.
The headlight buckets will be painted silver before anyone points out I've missed a bit !

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