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Flip 19th May 2013 12:20

Demist effeciency
Doing the LHD version throws up all sorts of questions. I am unable to use the existing flutes into the demist plenum. I am concerned that any amendments may not come up to scratch. I am interested to know the opinions of other builders concerning the efficiency of the demist system. I realise that the absence of a cabin exhaust outlet can affect the efficiency of the input. However, If I change the input flutes to a position at right angles to the output, to get an even output I will need the plenum to be under pressure. At the moment the output ports exceed the surface area of the input ducting and therefore there is no general increase in pressure in the plenum resulting in air passing straight through the ports nearest to the input. Opinions please.

EddyP 26th May 2013 20:37

How much clearance around the existing flutes do you need?
IF you have a look in the car builder solutions catalogue, you'll see that they do some different types, one of those might suit.

If all of that is a bit much hassle, you could look at a heated windscreen, the supplier of the windscreens can do them, we would just need enough people to make a batch worth making.

Flip 29th May 2013 19:42

Thanks for the contribution Eddy. Wrote to an American "airflow" expert who criticised some expensive German car manufacturers for their inability to demist properly. His ideal setup is very close to the Vortex setup (Well done chaps) He recommended slightly lower pressure in the demist plenum to avoid turbulence and create a slightly laminar flow. Too much laminar flow creates a border and hinders demisting. I have managed to reposition one flute but will have to make a special for the driver's side. Heated front windscreens - Have one on the RR Classic and not overly impressed.

Flip 18th July 2013 19:31

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When there isn't anything on the market, make it yourself. In total frustration the flute was airflow designed and 3D printed in the Czech Republic. The LHD project continues with all cabin airflow parts designed, made and fitted. It all fits under the dashboard very nicely, including aircon. I can't say there is much room left because there isn't. Now for the electrics ....Yuk!

GJGB 18th July 2013 22:16


Originally Posted by Flip (Post 45402)
When there isn't anything on the market, make it yourself.

Very impressive!


Originally Posted by Flip (Post 45402)
Now for the electrics ....Yuk!

Having abandoned my build for some time, I resumed recently and electrics is what I am on right now. I'm building a basic 827 engined manual gearbox version and I have a Vortex loom - with pictures but no wiring diagram! Bit of a puzzle in places!!

Are you wiring from scratch or a loom of some kind?


Flip 19th July 2013 06:41

I have a loom from Phantom Engineering which is again without a wiring diagram due to some kind of disagreement with the electrician. I assume you are RHD? I have a copy of the electrical fault finding manual of the Rover 827 as a PDF file. If it will help, I can send you a copy of the file. You need to reply quickly as this weekend I am off to Croatia for 10 days. If you want it, send email address through private messages. Phil

GJGB 19th July 2013 18:00


Thanks for the offer of the pdf but I already have a hard copy of the original manual for the electrics. I should have been clearer - I was suggesting you might find it useful if you hadn't already got a copy.

It seems to me that if you can leave the battery, BJB and cross-beam items (eg fusebox) in the RHD configuration/location then there's not too many wires that will need extending/relocating. Two pedals and the column loom are the most obvious but I guess there might be others?
I have a feeling Vortex originally had the window lift buttons either side of the instrument cluster but I will rewire to put them near the handbrake. My loom was only wired for one rear fog light though my tails both had bulbs so I fixed that and also added rear parking sensors as I figured the view out back might be a bit restricted.
Toying with possible daylight running lights so will wire for them and also speaker cabling and power seats. Not sure if I'll wire the front auxillary lights as fogs or spots/driving lights (only on with main beam).
Seems like a lot of thinking to avoid later irritation that I forgot something!

Trust you had a good weekend away

EddyP 3rd September 2013 17:35

HI Greg,

You're correct, the window buttons used to be in the instrument pack a long time ago, apologies if this is where they are on your harness, shouldn't be too tricky to extend/move them though.

Adding a few spare wires in is never a bad thing as they can be tricky to neatly integrate later on. Just make sure you seal the cut ends of the wires nicely if they're in the elements, as water will get into them and corrode the wire, then it's impossible to solder to and will only get high resistance crimped connections.

Power seats are nice, but damn are they heavy!! careful of your back lifting them in and out, they're awkward enough being non-powered!

Phil - RHD - LHD wiring mods shouldn't be too hard, surely it's only stalks and brake light switch you need to move?

Flip 9th September 2013 08:50

LHD wiring changes
Stalks - (Thanks for your advice Eddy, chose Rover and haven't lost the auto-cancel facility on the indicators.)
Brake light, Brake fluid reservoir, Ignition, Instruments, earthing points, electric mirror adjustment, window buttons and a few more. The main front loom now runs accross the car behind the heater matrix.
The link from the external fuse box to the internal fuse box has stayed the same length as The external box has had to be moved inboard to make room for the new air intake.
Because all the aircon equipment has come inside the car, there is no room for the relay box which has been discarded in favour of separate mountings on top of the air con condenser. (Well there was a bit of room but lengthening all those wires was just too much)
Mostly completed and now just waiting for the new dashboard design.
With a bit of luck and a trailing wind, we'll make Stoneleigh next year.

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