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DaveP 27th February 2017 10:49

Real 250 Cal at London Classic Car Show 2017
For reference / drooling over
250 Cal f
250 Cal rear
250 Cal dash
250 Cal wing



Aus Simmo 27th February 2017 23:15

Stunning car, and seeing a real one shows how well DNA have managed to nail all the key elements in their version. I note that the sub dials are full white instead of the half white half black I have seen on others (and DNA's). I guess the differences on 60's handbuild originals allows some creative licence on a kit.

Aus Simmo 3rd March 2017 10:51

Hi Dave,

Given that you were fortunate enough to be at a car show with an original 246, 250 and 275 could I ask if you had a preference?

My preference changes frequently and as it's based on pics rather than actual sightings I struggle to come up with a winner.

I'm sure that one of them jumped out at you.

DaveP 3rd March 2017 11:49


My personal fave is the 246 - always has been since I can remember. My top five cars (I the 80s and still almost the same now are).

1. AC Cobra 427
2. Ferrari 308 GTS/B
3. Ferrari 245 GTS
4. Escort Mk1 Mexico
5. Jag e-type

1. AC Cobra 289
2. Escort Mk1 Mexico
3. Jag XJC
4. Ferrari 246 GTS
5. Landrover S2 SWB

This is a fun game


Aus Simmo 3rd March 2017 12:21

It IS fun! Top Trumps.

When I was growing up (1980's):
Mini Cooper (real Mini, the small one!)
Escort/Sierra Cosworth
Mk1 Escort Mexico
Lamborghini Countach

Now it's:
Dino 246GT (not GTS - I think the extra metalwork that replaces the 3/4 glass makes the shape a bit too top heavy)
Ferrari 275
Lamborghini Miura
Ferrari 250GT California
Effeffe Berlinetta (Google it - 'kin nice car)

I'd love to have a good look at original cars - that car show you went to looks awesome.

Aus Simmo 3rd March 2017 12:31

I drove a Landrover S2 off a cliff in the Army (1992) and survived. Never told the Boss but is suspect he knew - the wheelbase was about 2inches shorter!

I currently drive a 2012 Defender 90 CSW so I'm close to your love of the S2 SWB. Great car - it's not exactly luxurious but it does stuff a luxury car can't - driving 1000km of dirt from Cairns to Seisia in Far North Queensland Australia. Never missed a beat. I even had the pleasure of snatch-strapping a bogged Jeep.

mazdarazmataz 10th May 2017 18:45

1.Opel manta 400
2.Lamborghini muira
3.iso griffo
4.250 California
5.250 gto

I own a tribute 250 gto replica and a manta gte

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