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Jaguartvr 21st April 2019 10:35

Best to have a bucket to hand

Simon E 21st April 2019 10:53

Gracias! I'm weird so kinda like it:razz: Just get rid of the whitewalls and that would improve it 100%. When I build my Coupe I'm going for yellow and 16inch bolt on Image wire wheels, and with the car lowered like a Competizione, life's too short to worry about resale:icon_cool:

redratbike 21st April 2019 11:05

The white walls look very American market style

Build quality looks high , different set of wheels would completely change the look of that

I’d like to see a coupe in yellow

casamolino 21st April 2019 11:22

The side windows really improve the looks, I never liked the fact that the windscreen looked too high in relation to the side windows. Are the side windows glass or plastic?[/QUOTE]

The side windows are plastic but it is a coated product that is supposed not to mark (easily) , i will not be going to Stoneleigh as starting the drive down to Italy to watch this years Mille Miglia , thanks Geoff .

Simon E 21st April 2019 11:25

Have a nice trip to Italy, we need pics en-route!

Lucky@LeMans 22nd April 2019 15:06


Originally Posted by Simon E (Post 100050)
Is that yellow one still on ebay? Can't seem to find it and would love to see what it would look like in yellow.

Not a fan of the yellow paint but the interior is pretty good, the door cards and tunnel top look the part, BMW gauges are a bit of a comprise though.

IanA 22nd April 2019 18:04


Originally Posted by Lucky@LeMans (Post 100069)
...BMW gauges are a bit of a compromise though.

At the price- so are the bolt on non Borrani wheels and the non-Marchal spot lights. Nothing that another £6k wouldn't put right.

WorldClassAccident 22nd April 2019 21:14

non-Marchal spot lights

I have some genuine Marchals with at least one of the original boxes if anyone wants to piss pounds in the wind...

IanA 22nd April 2019 21:28


Originally Posted by WorldClassAccident (Post 100078)
non-Marchal spot lights

I have some genuine Marchals with at least one of the original boxes if anyone wants to piss pounds in the wind...

Most of that £6k was for the wheels...

Munky 23rd April 2019 01:52

The difference colour makes to a car is INSANE.
Also on the bay of ‘E’ at the moment...
I know where I would park my money (and the car isn’t yellow!). That said, it may suit a coupe better.
Wish I was still based in the UK...

casamolino 23rd April 2019 13:22


Originally Posted by Jeff H (Post 100077)
I agree about the interior,

It does look to have been done to a good standard, ref the gauges I am not too sure how easy it is to get the old style to work with the modern BMW set up, is there a kit to sort it available yet ?

I have a similar dash for my 250 SWB but may alter it a touch to try and lose the curve that gives the BMW origins away.

The colour will be marmite as with so many colours.

Oh and if you are reading this Geoff I will get your mouldings out to you this week, apologies for the delay.

Jeff thank you for the update , Geoff .

redratbike 24th April 2019 13:15

well the yellow one has dropped in price

IanA 24th April 2019 18:28


Originally Posted by redratbike (Post 100102)
well the yellow one has dropped in price

A chance to buy the Borrani wheels and the Marchal spot lights with the change.

Lucky@LeMans 24th April 2019 19:07

Nice set of Borrani's on ebay at the moment under £4k with tyres !
eBay item number:

Hughandjen 25th April 2019 22:24

I have seen the yellow one in automotivenostalgia a couple of times and it is done to a high standard. The yellow looks so good up close that I’m doing mine the same haha

casamolino 2nd May 2019 12:58

My new car is pretty much ready for the trip to Italy and this is what it looks like now , Geoff .

Simon E 2nd May 2019 14:11

Wow, you don't waste any time, looks great!

Barber 2nd May 2019 14:33

Oh, you utter, utter b**tard, I am green with envy (California Sage Green probably). What a spanking job you have made of that. I'll be on the phone to Chris to hurry along with mine (well, I'm going down next week to review progress anyway).

Damn, damn, p*ss, sh*t and b*ggery b*llocks, you might have ruined my summer. Are you going to Stoneleigh on Sunday? Please say yes. - Just seen your previous post. Ah well.

Jaguartvr 2nd May 2019 21:07

Love it but lower the suspension and fit wire wheels

Jaguartvr 2nd May 2019 21:10

And some people want to paint them yellow

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