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Mister Towed 8th November 2020 07:32

Good news on the sale, they're getting a stunning car.

Mick O'Malley 11th November 2020 07:27

One step forward...
Thanks for supportive comments everyone :), I'm not getting excited over closing a deal on the A352. Given all the past disappointments I'll believe it when it's trailered away and I have a wad of 50s in my pocket.

Anyway, back to the Monaco. In yesterday's clement weather I enthusiastically marched down to the cave hopeful of making meaningful progress. I decided to go back to basics on the engine. I cleaned and reset the points, set the static ignition at 6° advanced and adjusted the throttle stop and idle mixture jet screws on the DCD to their basic settings. Using full choke she started instantly and after immediately moving the choke to the intermediate warm up setting she ran very sweetly - result. Unfortunately the brand new starter solenoid decided to ignore its 12v signal from the ignition switch so I had to use the button. I started her again but this time the solenoid stuck on. Damn! I took it off, removed the rubber cover and liberally applied WD40 around the button whilst working it. I also gave it a couple of stiffish belts with a hammer. Replacement revealed an operative button but still no response to the ignition switch. I double checked both its earth and trigger voltage but no change :(. Hoping the WD40 might work its magic overnight I called it a day.

Regards, Mick

paul_n 18th January 2021 02:40


Have you come across pictures of this ?

It may be a Monaco ?

Claims :- Race car maybe unique and complete with its original engine running 001300km in correct condition I do not do not know its history not a similar one in France nor to the strange c is a friend who inherited these relatives and sold it to me I sell it with regret. the rental lease of my non-renewable local sarrette I sell € 25,000 or exchange for vintage car for collector or youngtimers

Sorry if you have seen them before Paul

Dpaz 18th January 2021 17:38

To me, it looks bigger than a Monaco, or are the people small? I remember in the mists of time a magazine article where the creator of the Monaco said that he had based it on '50s specials. Maybe this one? I love it, 3 stud wheels, Citroen front wheel drive? Paul N more pics and info please!
By the way what is the body behind it?

paul_n 18th January 2021 21:23


Originally Posted by Dpaz (Post 105685)
To me, it looks bigger than a Monaco, or are the people small? I remember in the mists of time a magazine article where the creator of the Monaco said that he had based it on '50s specials. Maybe this one? I love it, 3 stud wheels, Citroen front wheel drive? Paul N more pics and info please!
By the way what is the body behind it?

Sorry no ideas , I found it here :-

Roughly translated Museum of Horrors ! on a French Cyclecar site.

More Moss's ?

The site it was lifted from is some sort of French Ebay type site ?


Dpaz 18th January 2021 22:11

And I thought we had weird cars! I'm going to have nightmares.

Mick O'Malley 19th January 2021 06:53


Originally Posted by paul_n

Have you come across pictures of this?

Hi Paul

It's undoubtedly a Monaco, and it's one I hadn't seen before. Thanks for posting. Looking at the supplementary grilles and giveaway wheels I agree with Dpaz that it's 2CV or Dyane based. The body behind it looks to be a Lomax 223/4.

The three in the link are also Monacos, I like the one on wires, well disguised but clearly Spitfire/Herald/Vitesse/GT6 underpinnings.

I'll post a picture and the link on the Moss Owners FB page and await developments.

Regards, Mick

paul_n 20th January 2021 11:12


I assume you have seen this ?

Some interesting ideas ?


Mick O'Malley 23rd January 2021 08:47


Originally Posted by paul_n

I assume you have seen this? Some interesting ideas?


Hi Paul

Apologies for delay in replying. That's a new one on me, thanks for posting.

Nice dash, apart from the flip up starter, too plasticky for my taste. Carpets, in a Monaco? Knuckle protection required with that gear stick position! At least it's X-Flow powered, rather than P*nto (swear word in my book). Shame there's not a rear view, are they mirrors on the back mudguards ;)?

I went with a friend and looked at a Ford (Fix Or Repair Daily) based one in Bristol about ten years ago. We dragged it out of the lock up on its flat tyres to find it was thick with rust, scary wiring, no engine or gear box, and a very tatty interior. Only the body was really worth saving. He wanted £450 so I took a pass on it.

Regards, Mick

Dpaz 23rd January 2021 13:43

Must agree about the starter switch and on the passenger's side. Not a lot of the tacho visible either. I love the handbrake all in all a nice car.
There has been a rough engineless Monaco on ebay recently would that be the same one? A lot of Ford engined kit cars are getting gutted these days, shame!

Mick O'Malley 24th January 2021 07:29


Originally Posted by Dpaz
There has been a rough engineless Monaco on ebay recently would that be the same one?

Hi Dpaz

No. The one we looked at was green and had been on the road. The Ebay one was red and didn't look to have been completed, let alone registered.

Regards, Mick

Mick O'Malley 2nd February 2021 11:34

At last, a little progress!
Over the last week or so, shrugging off the winter/coronavirus/sale of Lotus and A352 blues, I tackled the covers for my two part backrest. Not having used a sewing machine before, I practised on some scrap pieces of vinyl uintil I could run a halfway decent seam. I'd first given the machine a service, discovering that its been designed for much smaller Germans than mine. Working out the most economical layout for cutting out the panels from the roll took a good while, as did marking them out. Anyway, I bit the bullet and machined the simpler passenger's side first and fitted it using staples around the back. I then moved on to the the larger and more complex driver's side, which has the cutout for the tunnel. The results, as can be seen, are fairly average, but I'm hoping that once the sun's heated them a few times they'll settle down a little.

I squirmed into the drivers side and adjusted the seat belts, which are the ex-WD twins of Paul's, and made some brrrrrrrrrrrrm noises. Three things were apparent: a length of protective split edging is needed on the lower edge of the ally angle locating the steering column: I need a 10" rather than a 12" steering wheel (I'm not as accomplished a contortionist as I used to be); and there's a leak in the braking system somewhere as the previously hard pedal is now jelly. It's no fun if it's easy!

Regards, Mick

Dpaz 3rd February 2021 21:58

It is fun making your own soft furnishings, I made the tonneau cover for my Roadster. It works, don't look too pretty but keeps the water out. Did you manage to stitch both sides together accidentally while trying to deal with big sheets of material, oh bu###er? It never ends , does it?

Mick O'Malley 4th February 2021 09:29


Originally Posted by Dpaz (Post 105770)
Did you manage to stitch both sides together accidentally while trying to deal with big sheets of material, oh bu###er? It never ends, does it?

No, but I thought I'd trim the excess fabric from the top inner side of the passenger cover. A 45° cut is obviously what's needed. D'Oh! Look closely and you'll see the ugly patch I had to make.

What sort of machine and fabric did you use for your tonneau cover please? I have a some double duck but only a domestic machine, which I don't think will be man enough for two layers.

Regards, Mick

Mick O'Malley 8th February 2021 10:31

New Project. Didn't Happen :(
I've been considering another project for a while now, as the decks are more or less clear, and something to take me back to my early 80s roots came up last week: a Triumph based Dutton B-Type, c/w 2CV rectangular lights, just like my first Phaeton.

It looked challenging, but eminently rebuildable, so I saved it and looked forward to placing a winning bid yesterday afternoon. £2,086? You're 'avin' a larf intcha? The last B-Type I bought, admittedly without engine and 'box in 1991, was £50! So, hopes dashed.

I was going to stretch to £1,500 as an absolute limit but it shot beyond that early, so no exciting countdown with finger poised over 'Enter' (IMO Snipe takes away all the fun). Ho hum, I'll keep looking.

Regards, Mick

oxford1360 8th February 2021 10:34

The extra money was for those lovely spot lamps on the roll hoop...

Lucky@LeMans 8th February 2021 12:47

I went to look at a couple of Dutton's recently. One was what I'd call a basket case but the owner decided he was too attached to it and changed his mind about selling. The second was quite tidy but my offer of £1000 was laughed at and the seller said he wouldn't let it go for less than £3500 ! It didn't have an MOT either !

Mister Towed 8th February 2021 15:16

I'm not sure if anyone else has noticed, but the lockdowns have left a lot of people at home with time on their hands and pretty much all classic and specialist cars have skyrocketed in price, possibly because there are now lots of people who are looking to finally buy the car/project of their dreams to keep them occupied and/or before it's too late...

Three years ago I was considering buying myself a Lancia Fulvia as a winter classic. There were plenty on the market - decent but rusty projects for around £2k, solid Series 3's with MOT for around £5k and I found a fully restored and pristine Series 1 (lwhich is what I wanted) for £11k. Scroll forward to 2021 and, not only are there hardly any around, but rot boxes are now £5k, solid projects are £8-£9k and restored cars are £18-£22k.

It's the same story with a host of other bread and butter classics - Sunbeam Alpines, TR's 4 and 6, MGA's, Scimitars and even Chrysler/Talbot Sunbeams have all more than doubled in price over the last two to three years.

It's a shame your desired Dutton went over your limit, but it's a sign of the times, I'm afraid.

Mister Towed 8th February 2021 16:26

To illustrate my point about prices, someone was good enough to point me towards this Intermeccanica Speedster replica which is for sale at £37,995 (thanks Kuba) -

It looks fantastic and I absolutely love the colour, but there are a few issues which would annoy me - it's vinyl wrapped, not painted, the dash just doesn't work for me and, a picky point, I know, but it should have a 'shine up' rear numberplate light with the teardrop rear lights, not a 'shine down' one.

Their website is worth a browse as they have some nice shiny toys for sale. I just wish I had deeper pockets!

Dpaz 8th February 2021 22:38

Mr Towed, It could be worse, you don't like the wrap, etc. But what if it was affordable and SOLD?

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