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Mick O'Malley 10th July 2020 12:59

Front Brake Saga (cont.)
The other day, when weather permitted, I wandered down to the cave to complete the assembly of my front brakes, dreaming that, help in the shape of my furloughed son being available, bleeding activity would soon follow. Hopes dashed again, as ever. I'd carefully assembled the pads and anti-squeal shims into the callipers with the merest smear of copper grease (unlike that tall bloke who puts it on with a trowel), and bolted the units onto the uprights. So far, so good. Next job: flexi pipes. Aaaaargh, they're too short. Check various internet sources and discover that GT6/Vitesse callipers have a metal pipe and bracket which brings the outboard flexi-pipe attachment more central to overcome any stretching or fouling. Buy necessary pipes, fabricate suitable brackets (they're unavailable) after studying You Tube videos, fit same, offer up flexi pipes: still too short. Aaaaargh again! More research reveals that extra long flexis are still needed for this application. I bought the necessary on line in stainless this morning so the saga should be concluded in next week's forecast good weather. I really hope so. The picture shows the current state of play.

My seamstress friend, who did such fabulous work for the A352, has gone to live in the USA so I decided to have a go at making the seat covers myself. I bought a pre-owned sewing machine on line this morning and am picking it up about 12 miles away tomorrow. How difficult can it be :rolleyes:.

Regards, Mick

Mick O'Malley 12th July 2020 08:18


Originally Posted by Mick O'Malley (Post 104748)
I bought a pre-owned sewing machine on line this morning and am picking it up about 12 miles away tomorrow

I decided, as the weather was so good, to pick this up in the A352 'D-Type'. It turned out to be more like 20 miles each way, and pick up was in a tiny village in the middle of nowhere. Anyway, with my purchase balanced rather precariously on the passenger seat, I'd got about a couple of miles back down the twisty B road when a hood down E-Type appeared going the other way. I thought 'This is well worth acknowledging' but the lady driving it went into raptures, taking both hands off the wheel and madly waving them above her head with a huge smile as we passed. A magic moment that made my day :).

Regards, Mick

Dpaz 13th July 2020 22:40

I see an engine and gearboxless Monaco on eBay, just sayin!

Mick O'Malley 14th July 2020 08:32


Originally Posted by Dpaz (Post 104769)
I see an engine and gearboxless Monaco on eBay, just sayin!

Hi Dpaz

I couldn't find it. Do you have either a link or the item number please?

Regards, Mick

Bellicose 14th July 2020 09:04

Mick O'Malley 14th July 2020 09:34

Hi Bellicose

Thanks for that. I think the hyphen bamboozled their search engine...

Regards, Mick

redratbike 14th July 2020 11:08

No paperwork v5c

Dpaz 14th July 2020 22:50

I did reply but it doesn't show, Belicose is the one.
A bit pricey?

Mick O'Malley 17th July 2020 07:40


Regards, Mick

Mick O'Malley 19th July 2020 07:18

Getting There
My new SS front brake hoses arrived in the week and, given the hoops I've had to jump through, it was with some trepidation that I set about fitting them. This turned out to be a doddle as I'd only gently nipped up their predecessor's attachments.. The moment of truth arrived and turning the steering from lock to lock revealed that they are plenty long enough. My delight was rather tempered by the back of the nearside wheel hitting the body on full left lock. I'd already (years ago!) fitted lock limiting hose clips to both ends of the rack, it seems another is required - more evidence of the body's asymmetry. Here are the shiny new bits in situ. Excuse crap photo', an orb web spider had spun between the cover and the cave roof necessitating delicate uncovering and gymnastic contortion.

I spent a couple of hours on You Tube yesterday learning the techniques of machine sewing vinyl which resulted in a burst of Ebay activity. Teflon foot, special needle, strong thread and correct machine lubricant are on their way.

Regards, Mick

Mick O'Malley 21st July 2020 15:55

It's a miracle x 2
I wandered down to the cave this morning before it got too hot, and consulted my 'To Do' list. Adjust handbrake and bleed brakes were two of the four remaining so, as pedal pushing assistance had been negotiated for later, I decided to pitch in with the former. In order to get my Machine Mart aluminium racing jack (great buy!) under the diff. a few feet of forward movement is required. The garden is slightly downhill so removing the chock achieves this. Why won't it move? Ah, it's in gear. Why don't I sit in and see if the clutch has freed itself as the engine's been run a few times. To my amazement it had. Miracle no.1.

Jack up, axle stands, remove wheels and set to tightening the threaded adjustment ends of the transverse cable until there was no slack either side. I checked the shoe adjuster - still spot on - and applied the cockpit lever. Drums locked. Miracle no.2.

As I type my assistant is unavailable. I spent half an hour earlier bleeding the rear brakes single handed using a length of architrave to depress the pedal whilst my other orangutan like limb worked the nipple. Can't say if this was successful as the front pipes of course contain some air so no 'pedal' yet.

Regards, Mick

Mick O'Malley 23rd July 2020 07:51

Another tiny step closer...
I was down the cave early yesterday, wondering if there was anything I could get on with before my bleeding assistant surfaced. Looking at the butchered coaming above the scuttle I decided that fashioning a full width ally cover (which would have to follow multiple compound curves) was an impractical pipe dream. Next best, small individual plates over the two worst and most visible areas. A trial run with small card templates decided me that, although it was ugly, it was nevertheless a lot better than nothing. I transferred the shapes to thin ally, cut them out, drilled fixing holes, bent them to the correctish profile over a breaker bar clamped in the vice and riveted them on. Not pretty, but undoubtedly an improvement.

Postie had by this time delivered three of the four sewing machine related items I'd ordered, the outstanding one being vital to progress on seat cover fabrication so nothing doing there. Much later help was available so brake bleeding commenced. Only a very soft pedal could be achieved without vigorous pumping so I dismissed my assistant and set to checking all the joints. I quickly identified and tightened the culprit, which was one of those into the four way union. The cave was by now a furnace so I called it a day

Regards, Mickl

Mick O'Malley 24th July 2020 07:17

Not much to report from yesterday: my bleeding assistant was unavailable so I decided to play with the sewing machine. After a couple of schoolboy errors, and discovering that some parts of the machine weren't designed for bloke sized hands, I got acceptable seams in pieces of scrap vinyl. I also discovered that the teflon foot advertised as 'suitable for my machine' wasn't. An e-mail to the vendor elicited a request for a photo', as my machine is 'very unusual'. "Well he would say that, wouldn't he."

After perusing pictures of sundry 50s Italian racing machinery I'd decided that Mobil Pegasus stickers for the nose would suit. They arrived (by return) yesterday. Excuse even shakier photo' than usual - DTs, moi?

Sun's shining, off down the cave.

Regards, Mick

Mick O'Malley 14th August 2020 07:03

Sharing the cave with wildlife. Taken yesterday.

Regards, Mick

Dpaz 14th August 2020 19:32


Mick O'Malley 15th August 2020 06:33


Originally Posted by Dpaz (Post 104939)

A fox cub. It sat there for five or so minutes having a good scratch. Broad daylight in the middle of the city. I love it :).

Regards, Mick

Mister Towed 15th August 2020 07:34

Very cute. Where I live the wildlife takes pictures of us...

Mick O'Malley 16th August 2020 09:26

Browsing 'Replicas' on Ebay...
I think I may invest in a wad of lottery tickets this week....


Regards, Mick

Mick O'Malley 15th September 2020 07:23

Bled at last
Three weeks ago today I was cutting my daughter's grass, which includes shifting the trampoline (in which she'd put my granddaughter's paddling pool) to get to the bit underneath. Failing to take into account the weight of storm water dumped in the paddling pool I did myself a serious mischief lifting it. Hamstrings - ouch! Both hernia repairs - ouch! Slipped disc - ouch! This put progress on hold and was followed by last week's house/dog/cat sitting for a holidaying friend.

In the interim I'd bought an Eezibleed due to the fag of recruiting help, plus the lack of success. Anyway, yesterday, at last feeling up to it, I pitched in and the job was done in what seemed like no time. The only tiny hiccup was the master cylinder cap not sealing at first, even after a gentle tweak with water pump pliers. A few twists of PTFE tape sorted that and success - a hard pedal :).

Seat covers here I come.

Regards, Mick

oxford1360 15th September 2020 07:47


Originally Posted by Mick O'Malley (Post 105177)
Hamstrings - ouch! Both hernia repairs - ouch! Slipped disc - ouch!

"Ouch" doesn't come into it. I'm glad you are on the mend. Eazibleeds will always make you feel better once you get the seal.

Mick O'Malley 15th September 2020 09:08

Kidney Stones
I passed five of these over three or four days a few years back: the last one took 15 hours:. 'Regular' pain hasn't seemed so bad since :).

Thanks for commiserations.

Regards, Mick

Mick O'Malley 19th September 2020 08:14

Rare Beast

Originally Posted by Mick O'Malley (Post 102298)
With advancing years, I'm not sure that I've got another build in me. The only one that I'd definitely go for would be a Sherpley, but so few were made (I think I've heard 12?) that the likelihood of a part completed project coming up is remote, but never say never!

Thanks for kind comment regarding my posts, given the many hiccups along the way so far, I'm sure there'll be a good few more to report on before the thread morphs into 'on the road'.

Regards, Mick

My daily eBay Kit Car and Replica searches turned this up this morning. Lots I don't like about it, but lots I do. If only my between houses car access was a little wider, and I was loaded...

Regards, Mick

paul_n 19th September 2020 10:59


Originally Posted by Mick O'Malley (Post 102298)
With advancing years, I'm not sure that I've got another build in me. The only one that I'd definitely go for would be a Sherpley, but so few were made (I think I've heard 12?) that the likelihood of a part completed project coming up is remote, but never say never!

Regards, Mick

About 4-5 years ago one came up on Ebay unstarted with a donor Sherpa about £8k IIRC.

There are 2 versions :-

Speed 6 - original with custom chassis and Sherpa running gear usually with better engine , picture in first post

Speed 4 - same body kit but made to fit Sherpa chassis and use van's engine

Speed 4 is easier build as no SVA however front looks wrong as springs not attached to ends of chassis - like the £28k listed !

I have 2 kit car reviews and original build manual [ vague does not cover it ! ] and some other stuff , PM me an email address and they could be winging there way to you.

I am building a Edwardian ' tribute ' on a Freight Rover chassis as I decided if I had a Sherpley I would spend all my money and time chasing the Blower Bentley look and not being happy with the results ?

If I build in the style off no one can say that's not right , and like your Moss I want to drive past and someone say ' what the h*ll was that !

I have sat in/seen a Sherpley that was for sale a couple of years ago , door on passenger side hard to get into and get under steering wheel very uncomfortable when sat in it and the build was crude [ maybe like your Moss ? ] I have pictures of that as well.

All the best Paul

Mick O'Malley 19th September 2020 13:30

Yes Please :)

Originally Posted by paul_n (Post 105206)
I am building an Edwardian ' tribute ' on a Freight Rover chassis.

Why not start a thread, or maybe there is one and I've missed it?

Many thanks for above info. and kind offer.

You have a PM.

Regards, Mick

paul_n 19th September 2020 17:49


Originally Posted by Mick O'Malley (Post 105207)

Why not start a thread, or maybe there is one and I've missed it?

Many thanks for above info. and kind offer.

You have a PM.

Regards, Mick

Very kind of you to invite me onto the forum.

I do have a thread , but not here !

I am trying to turn a Sherpa into a lose copy of this:-

this is the plan ?

I did build a 1/6 scale model [ Action man sized ! ]

with an idea of the internals ?

mocking it up :-

You can see how high I will be ? looks like any higher and I will take my head off on the garage door !

Also you cannot see the front wheel I have moved engine/gearbox back about 30" !

I did not chose this forum , although I am a frequent visitor as:-

a) I am not building a kit car.
b) I felt I was going to have all sorts of grief in the build, like my steering column is now about 40" from the steering box so I choose a hot rod forum as
it is more their field of expertise , your car's look marvellous , however you tend to favour a single donor and rebody.
c) some of the hot rod,s have used Sherpas in the past

all the best Paul

ps will answer PM when I am on my desk PC and can assess the situation regards the volume of the stuff

Mick O'Malley 28th September 2020 11:49

Win one, lose one.
Since bleeding the brakes I've had zero enthusiasm for things mechanical as the A352 has been playing silly buggers yet again.

Yesterday I had a slight feebleness bypass and decided to address a couple of Weber related problems. The first was the attachment points for the air cleaner. There are four M5 tappings in the carb. body, two if which were completely stripped, and the other two almost. Looking at the meagre amount of cast ally around these, I'd previously fought shy of tapping them out to M6, as disaster seemed to be beckoning. Sod it, I thought, it's got to be done. I gaffer taped over the choke holes etc., carefully cleaned my M6 tap and set to with extreme caution, backing off every couple of turns and popping a drop of oil in to pick up the swarf. A nervous 40 minutes or so later the job was done.

Next question: screws or studs? I decided on the latter, cut four to length, thoroughly cleaned both them and the carb. tappings with acetone, and screwed them in with Loctite. Another job done. The second problem will have to wait.

I quit while I was ahead.

I'd been to Sainsbury's in the Lotus earlier and thought I'd go for a spin as the forecast for the rest of the week wasn't too clever. Despite the brilliant sunshine and the Lotus being bright red, I wasn't able to.

I generally think of Gloucester as fuckwit central, but this took the biscuit, the surprise being that it was 'only' a BMW rather than a Chelsea Tractor. I couldn't be fagged to go knocking on the doors of my legion of numpty neighbours so, despite the miniature Satan on my shoulder urging me to key it or douse it in brake fluid, wrote a polite (yes, really!) note in huge black felt tip and trapped it under a wiper. I heard it leave as dusk fell.

Regards, Mick

Dpaz 28th September 2020 12:16

I know you shouldn't have to but anotice saying 'Entrance in constant use Please do not obstruct' might work. BMW owners are often a bit thick but will respond to a warning. If you knew where it was rig the Police and tell them about the party he is attending. Get the council to put a white line by your drive. I love the S4 Lotus, not widely appreciated but nice.

Jaguartvr 28th September 2020 14:07

Ask the council to paint a solid white line on the road to try and stop idiots from blocking your access,

froggyman 28th September 2020 15:42


Originally Posted by Jaguartvr (Post 105241)
Ask the council to paint a solid white line on the road to try and stop idiots from blocking your access,

They will only do that if you have a legitimate dropped kerb and looking at the kerb-maybe not.

Dpaz 28th September 2020 16:35

Still worth asking, or paint one youself! You can get Rollls of white line, lay it ad melt it with a blowtorch. Then deny all knowledge,' Doh I thought you did

Mick O'Malley 29th September 2020 08:17


Originally Posted by Dpaz (Post 105243)
Still worth asking, or paint one yourself! You can get Rollls of white line, lay it ad melt it with a blowtorch. Then deny all knowledge,' Doh I thought you did

I did one myself outside my gate using aerosol line marking paint so I could get my motorbike in and out. Did it make a blind (yep) bit of difference? Nope. Gloucester is technically a city but the mentality is that of an isolated medieval village...

Thanks for kind words regarding the S4. It garners nearly as much interest as the A352 :). I'm displaying it at the Castle Combe Historic meeting this weekend, I'd better get the bucket and sponge out!

Regards, Mick

Lucky@LeMans 29th September 2020 08:43

Still pretty advanced compared to people from the Forest !

oxford1360 29th September 2020 10:01


Originally Posted by Lucky@LeMans (Post 105248)
Still pretty advanced compared to people from the Forest !

Ah, the joys of a trip to play rugby in Lydney or Berry Hill.

Mick O'Malley 29th September 2020 10:08


Originally Posted by oxford1360 (Post 105249)
Ah, the joys of a trip to play rugby in Lydney or Berry Hill.

Surely they won every time, what with their extra fingers giving them superior ball grip?

The after game banjo concerts weren't much consolation either... :(

Regards, Mick

Mick O'Malley 31st October 2020 12:50

Woo Hoo!
Today the nice postperson delivered my new V5c :)

'Triumph Moss Monaco'. That'll do.

Re-bleed brakes; cover seats; get her running properly; buy insurance; job done.

Maybe I can replicate the original inspirational photograph this Yuletide after only four years?

Regards, Mick

Lucky@LeMans 31st October 2020 14:59

Well done ! A simple enough process once you've gone through it a couple of times.

casamolino 31st October 2020 15:18

Good afternoon Mick , maybe worrying to much but is it wise to put on the net the details from your V5 , Geoff .

Dpaz 31st October 2020 19:21

It looks great and I remember that feeling of 'At last its legal and on the road'. Congratulations!

paul_n 31st October 2020 22:13


Excellent achievement !

Surprised to see the Number of seats was not filled in ?

Also you don't seem to have to specify the number of doors ? glad really as I can't decided between 2 , 1 or 0 doors :icon_wink:


Mick O'Malley 6th November 2020 07:19

Homing in....
Yesterday I wandered down to the sunlit cave and re-bled both the clutch and brakes, this time successfully. Riding that wave, and with a freshly charged battery and a squirt of ether, I fired her up. Lumpy and reluctant to idle, but running :). The next two days are forecast fine here in Gloucester, so I can have a good game under the metaphorical bonnet.

It seems that, at long last, I have a genuine purchaser for the A352. Its insurance runs out on 2 December so perhaps everything will fall nicely into place?

Regards, Mick

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