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eaa53 25th June 2014 21:59

5Exi Fire Sale !!
Okay perhaps not a FIRE based sale but an almost give-a-way to be more precise. :welcome:

I am dismantling a 5Exi for scrap. Before you start its not my car its a wrecked road/race car that is damaged. :hurt:

I wanted the engine internals as they are the uprated Lotus and the engine and gear box casings are scrap. That said the G/B internals would but fine for parts.

So what have I got that's of any use..... :suspicious:

Modified rear suspension (Trackdevelopments design) complete with uprights disks, callipers, drive shaft (Rover) and where they are intact the top and bottom arms. One side was damaged badly and the lower Driver Side is un-usable.

I will take offers for the rear suspension as it is 600 of work if you want it done and its interchangeable spares for mine.

Now FREE to collector...

Doorless front rear and side body clam, panels. These are damaged but I have repaired worse. If I get no interest or collectors I will cut them up and dump them in the local tip so if you need part 3 of the kit and cannot wait or afford the commercial set you could save 90% of the cost by repairing this set.

Its a shame to dump them but they are not worth keeping for me. :smow:

Pictures on request just message me with an email address and I will send them out. Remember you got to collect for free. If you want delivery its 5 per mile to your door. If you want me to hold them there is a 100 returnable deposit for me to store them for 3 months. :bored:

Roll cage, not damaged this bit has a scrap value, cannot imagine anyone wants it but its here if you do. I will put it on eBay for general kit car use but if you want it free to collect.

Front suspension Off Side only including disk and calliper.
offers around a donation to charity?

Steering rack, not removed yet see no reason why it should not be usable. ***Basket case no use....***
offers around a donation to charity?

Rover steering column complete not removed yet. In tact with lower knuckles and key
offers around a donation to charity?

There are lots of other small bits, throttle cable, gear linkage, window wiper mech., PRT and pipe work, VVC head (not complete just the main casting with valves), 5exi modified heater, dash components, different headlights.

I have a set of body liners in aluminium that I can remove in tact if needed. *** Basket case no use...***

Rover wiring loom and an ABS system complete with sensors, wiring pipework and controller.

That's all I can think of just now if there is something specific; message me and I will sent it at postage cost to you.

Need more detail you know what to do. :icon_lol:

Any questions relating to the origins of the car, its previous owner or the accident that caused the damage should be sent by registered mail, written on the back of a 10 note :flypig: that I will donate to charity along with any other income I make via the original owner!


Mr|Spike 8th January 2015 13:32

Hi John, any of this still available?

eaa53 8th January 2015 16:22

Which Bit
The car is stripped and distributed round the place my shed the local scrap yard and the Marlin Owners Club.

Now which bit(s) were you interested in? I still have a stack of stuff here in Somerset.


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