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HouseMartin 26th August 2018 21:17

2018 Summer Update
Year six and still no paint job.

MOT passed again with just more headlight adjustment to do.
New big end bearing shells fitted with the engine in the car by dropping the sump seems to have sorted the low oil pressure problems.

My wife is convinced I keep delaying to put off doing jobs inside the house.
I think that I will never be happy with the appearance of the body and tinkering at little things is just keeps me happy.

So below is lots more picture with very little changed.

New steering wheel birthday present from my dad

Finally modified the rear lights so I can get them out.
I had bolted them onto fibreglass backplates then bonded them into rear arches. The flush cut out was not big enough to get them back out!

heater inlet grill was blanked off so no air got into the heater matrix, now sorted and nice cosy warm feet and slightly heated screen

Passenger door alignment was bugging me so I have built up the body with fibreglass matting for a better fit.

The side skirts were always a little wavy so I took out the angle grinder and chopped them level with the scimitar sills. I am not sure this was a good idea, but at least i can lift the body off over the chassis rails now

drivers side sills before

passenger side sills

Driving around the muddy roads up north highlighted the back of the headlights were letting in brown water into the bowls and onto the covers so good old silicon sealant sorted that.

I have finished levelling the top right boot were the original mould had a head fairing so I am certainly near getting it sprayed now.

Yesterday I took the video camera for a ride so hopefully a little clip (10 seconds) of the beast in motion to follow.


Paul L 8th September 2018 06:27

HouseMartin Congratulations on another MOT. :cool:

It certainly makes sense to make any body work changes before paint.

The fact you have been driving around means you know which things you want to do/leave as is.

I look forward to seeing the video clip.

What is the general reaction you get from the public to the car?

Good luck, Paul. :)

davecymru 9th September 2018 18:18

Nice! Going the "skippy" route and thoroughly enjoying from what i can see?

One thing that never comes across in photos is exactly how big and intimidating the g46 is on the road.

Shame there arent more on the road.

HouseMartin 10th September 2018 00:13


Originally Posted by davecymru (Post 96738)
Nice! Going the "skippy" route and thoroughly enjoying from what i can see?

One thing that never comes across in photos is exactly how big and intimidating the g46 is on the road.

Shame there arent more on the road.

Is the "skippy" route hopping about on little jobs?
Yes I am enjoying the challenges and dreaming of something finished in shiny black paint.

Here a 13 second clip, because everything else that was filmed is in wobblevision!
I am hoping the youtube private video security will let you view it.

Paul, the usual reaction is "What is it?" with locals referring to it as the batmobile.


Mister Towed 10th September 2018 07:07

I believe Gary J referred to it as 'The Whale' during development, partly due to its size and partly due to him struggling with the project in the same way that Ahab struggled with Moby The Great White.

HouseMartin 28th September 2019 22:54

2019 Update
Another year and still no paint job.
However, I have put a few miles on during the summer.

Even managed to run out of petrol on the A1 going to the petrol station. :doh:
As I had to leave it at the road side while I walked with my empty petrol can.
It was not long before I got a lift from a curious petrol head who wanted to know about my 'jag'.
Fortunately they also had some jump leads as the battery went flat turning the V6 to fill the filter and carb.
It was a relief to hear it fire up and make to the the pumps.
Electric fuel pump now on order!

Fettling has involved:
Greasing rear wheel bearings which where noisy or right hand bends.
Re-tightening gearbox mounts to remove some vibration.
Replacing the master cyclinder and adjusting the brake pedal height/brake
light switch.
Raising the steering wheel to give easier access.
Fitting nice shiny exhaust ends

Modifying the dash switches so I now have:
Overdrive and wiper switches by the steering wheel.
headlightlights and heater fan by the passenger.

Oh yes, I removed the engine in the winter

Rebuilt it with new skimmed heads

new piston rings/honed bores and all lower bearings

So I know there will be no problem down there to worry about.

I am still messing around with an MX5 soft top to mount in the roll bar hoops.
I have reshaped the header rail to match the curve of the 356 screen and extended the door bars so I now have a frame.

But it is work in progress to get it to fold tidily.
Anyway that's all for now.

Maybe a paint job before next September..:flypig:


Paul L 17th November 2019 07:30

House Martin Good to see you are getting some miles in the car. :cool:

It also looks like you are continuing to update / improve the car as you go along too.

Without wishing to rush you into paint, have you got a particular colour in mind?

Good luck, Paul. :)

HouseMartin 19th November 2019 00:03

Colour Choices

Originally Posted by Paul L (Post 102730)
Without wishing to rush you into paint, have you got a particular colour in mind?
Good luck, Paul. :)

As the first G46 by Gary in paint was red,
The second by Micky was blue
The third painted G46 was then white.
That's the union jack covered.

I thought I would like British Racing Green

The clean look of Black was a good colour for such a large car

But with that porsche 550 windscreen i know silver will look great so i considered some barbecue additions

Maybe even a 2 tone

But it wont be reliant yellow, orange or highland purple!


Paul L 8th December 2019 16:58

House Martin - Apologies for the late reply, but I think your car would look good in any of those colours. :cool:

HouseMartin 6th September 2020 23:08

2020 update
Finally got round to open that garage and take a Sunday drive.

Still no paint job apart from a couple of test spears on the rear.
I thought it might be called "big bastard" :icon_lol:

Parked by a prancing horse

Off for a drive on some empty country lanes :whoo:

Paul L 7th September 2020 23:20

HouseMartin Good to see you out and about. :cool:

I probably already know the answer, but was the convertible top hard to do?

Cheers, Paul. :)

SteveD 19th January 2021 22:19

3 Attachment(s)
[IMG]c:/documents[/IMG]Should have my ex WCA car on the road this spring, rebuild has taken longer than hoped, work was hectic up to July when I managed to retire! Many other problems with the original build meant I ended up restarting from a bare chassis.
Now has steel body frame panelled in aluminum, twin circuit balance bar brakes, triple carb larg valve engine, rear disc brakes etc.

HouseMartin 21st January 2021 23:30

Nice Job
Paul, The soft top is still not done.
I have had to cut and stitch panels myself to make the mx5 cover fit.
When I am happy with the way it looks it will be used as a template for a professional cover.
My trial and error method is not recommended. :doh:

Steve, you have done a very profession job on that engine bay and interior.
Tripple Webers no less certainly make a very sexy engine. :tea:
You just need a ferrari tessa rossa clear engine bulges to show them off!
How much over 200bhp are you expecting it to put out?

I was very interested to see your frame bracing behind the rear seats.
What you are doing about the seat belt shoulder mounts with the body being so low at that point.
Maybe you have avoided that problem with the flat floor.

I have my battery behind the passenger seat so wondered if you have done the same?
Nice idea to have the external battery connector on the passenger bulkhead.
My method is very crude by comparison although access is easier with two missing humps

I currently have my diff in pieces on the workbench, but no plans for rear disc at present.
Mine had a terrible clunk on taking up drive.
On stripping down, I found that one sun gear dish washer was paper thin and other had completely worn away.
New washers, bearings and swapping shims have enable me to remove loads of backlash.
I still need to take one drive shaft to the garage to get the hub off as I cannot shift it to replace the wheel bearing. :eusa_wall:

Hopefully, I will also be back on the road in spring.
Ready for that silver paint job.:flypig:

I look forward to some pictures of your dash

SteveD 21st January 2021 23:44

2 Attachment(s)
I reckon to be around 250hp with the engine spec.
I have full harness belts so shoulder straps are mounted to the rear cross member where the floor lifts up to boot level.
Battery is in the box visible in the rear bulkhead jpg.
Couple more pictures attached.
I have a genuine Reliant puller for rear hubs, if you are not too far from South Leicestershire maybe I can assist with the driveshaft.

Paul L 27th February 2021 06:49

A build thread with two G46s for the price of one! :cool:

Hope you are both back on the road by the time the Summer arrives.

Good luck, Paul. :)

HouseMartin 25th April 2021 23:54

Spring 2021

Originally Posted by HouseMartin (Post 105720)
Hopefully, I will also be back on the road in spring.

Well the Axle is back together.
Today was a glorious evening, so without a wash or dust I got the old girl ready for a spin.
The battery required a charge and the clutch fluid needed a top up.
The engine was running rough until I discovered the blanked off vacuum hose had perished so that was replaced.
Anyway that got me out of the garage.

The still incomplete soft top was removed with a couple of bolts and it was off out for a spin.
Unfortunately I forgot my camera so only photos are down the lane.

Surprisingly the washer jets and windscreen wipers still worked as I managed to wet my head in the process of getting a clear view of the road through the front screen.

The roads were quiet and I just enjoyed accelerating out of the corners and playing with the overdrive, listening to the change in engine note of essex V6.
Not far just 20 miles on a circular tour so not too far for home on the first run.
There seems to be a front wheel noise on fast right hand corner so I will check the bearings and suspension bolts later.

Such a big bottomed girl.

I am looking forward to taking her on some big trips next month to see some friends and relatives.

Paul L 30th April 2021 05:09

HouseMartin - Great to see you back out on the road again. :cool:

Let's hope the weather finally starts warming up soon.

Cheers, Paul. :)

SteveD 20th May 2021 19:01

On the Road
3 Attachment(s)
Mine is now almost complete, just the headlamp covers to make.
Have done around 300 miles and shown it at small meet locally.

SteveD 21st July 2021 23:00

On the Road
1 Attachment(s)
My G46 is now finished and in use, around 500 miles so far. Have taken it to a couple of shows, much interest generated.

peterux 23rd July 2021 09:58


Originally Posted by SteveD (Post 106669)
My G46 is now finished and in use, around 500 miles so far. Have taken it to a couple of shows, much interest generated.

That looks stunning, well done you must be very pleased :biggrin1::biggrin1::biggrin1:

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