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casamolino 18th September 2020 14:49

Geoff`s Z3GT
Had my Z3GT back from Tribute for a couple of weeks , Geoff .

molleur 18th September 2020 15:15

Very nice!

smash 18th September 2020 18:16

That colour is great! Really suits it.

I think a moulded rear screen would be better to keep the lines straight as the Micra one starts to curve in at the edges but that's just me.

Looks like a GB scuttle could help it - the Z3 screen is always a bit long and would be nice visual enhancement with chrome screen surround.

Hoping you keep the colour - nice one

Jaguartvr 18th September 2020 18:42

Much nicer with the proper bonnet. I think Smash is right about the rear window.

Lucky@LeMans 18th September 2020 20:37

Bonnet option works well, I like the open scoop too ! Whilst I have gone for dark blue paint I had thought of Aston Racing Green or similar shade. "Illusive" blue would also look the part if you wanted a retro blue.

casamolino 20th September 2020 16:22

Afternoon just a few more pics taken today .

molleur 20th September 2020 19:50

Well done! Especially like those door handles.
Where did you source them?

WorldClassAccident 20th September 2020 21:17

Look like external Fiat Barchetta handles. Very pretty

casamolino 21st September 2020 07:58

Correct Fiat Barchetta , Geoff .

molleur 21st September 2020 13:20

nice, thanks.

casamolino 15th October 2020 12:46

Just had these installed , Geoff .

Simon E 11th December 2020 18:04

Hi Geoff, have you got any updates on your build? What colour did you go for in the end?

casamolino 11th December 2020 18:55

Evening Simon my car is currently at the body shop for paint , the colour i am going for is (Aqua Verdi Caliente) , probably going to be 2 to 3 more weeks . thanks Geoff.

Simon E 11th December 2020 19:28

I had to google that colour....jesus that is going to look beautiful! Please post some photos when you get her back?

Munky 17th December 2020 01:51

Casamolino - who did the bonnet modification? Looks amazing.
Hoping you post some ‘after paint’ pics.
Wish I could somehow work out how to have a z3 updated and then shipped to the US. Your car is going to stop people in the streets so that they can take pics of it!

casamolino 17th December 2020 11:36

Good morning Munky , bonnet mods courtesy of Chris at Tribute , all things being equal ,body/paint should be complete in a couple of weeks , although my paint-shop guy has a very fluid understanding of time , thanks Geoff .

Munky 17th December 2020 12:00

It’s looking wonderful!
You got me looking for donors last night. Managed to find a 120k mile Z3M for $8k but the wife would kill me.
I’m still waiting for my Caterham kit to be shipped from the UK.
I think seeing yours painted may tip the balance.
Good luck with the painter!

casamolino 25th December 2020 09:44

Merry Xmas , New Year new car (well resprayed) , Geoff .:dance:

casamolino 31st January 2021 12:52

Car is back from paint shop , interior next .

redratbike 31st January 2021 14:34

oh wow yes please

that is very nice indeed

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