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GJGB 27th June 2013 12:01

Cooling Fans Wiring
Greetings good people.

Not been in here for quite a while as my Vortex has sat unloved and festering in garage (rolling chassis) and garden (bodyshell) for rather a long time!!

But, for various reasons (mainly her indoors demands that I get the shell off the lawn) I'm back on the build. I had to source a bunch of AMP/Tyco multi-way connectors for the headlamps, tail lamps etc to connect into the factory loom which was one reason it all got stalled a while back. I realy didn't want to chop the loom about having paid a fair amount for it but I've now found all the right mating connectors and am putting them on the lights etc.

Now... I've got a pair of cooling fans (CoolTemp FM0001) from Norman to go with my air-con kit and they are nicely mounted up behind the rad as they should be but... they have a connector with two spades in T formation and the loom has two side-by-side spades. I'll chop the connector off the fans and put the right one on to mate with the loom but does anyone know which wire on these fans is pos and which is neg as they are blue and black wires which give me no clue! Maybe it doesn't matter or maybe there is some way to test them? Any suggestions welcomed, thanks.


GJGB 27th June 2013 12:39

Boy, that was a dumb question when I sat and thought about it for a few minutes.

I put a battery charger to the connectors and it runs one way connected positive to the blue wire and it runs backwards with positive to the black wire (probably not too efficiently!). So it's positive blue and negative black... and on we go.

When I have something more sensible, I'll post again :icon_redface:


EddyP 4th July 2013 19:02

Hi Greg,

I would suggest that the black wire is the negative on the harness, they'll be a pull type fan so when you've got them wired up the right way the air should be forced towards the back of the car.

Don't worry too much if you do get them the wrong way round, it's not too difficult to get the terminals out of the connectors are just swap them round.

GJGB 4th July 2013 21:06


Many thanks for your input. After a bit of experimentation I concluded that the black was the negative wire on these fans so you are absolutely right.

I'm now happily (?) modding the loom I bought from Norman/Phantom and have added a second rear fog (not a legal requirement as far as I know but my MX3 tails had two and the loom had one!) and also added four point reversing sensors into the bumper. The rear view looks to be a bit limited and my "day car" has those beepers so I'm kinda used to them.

The loom has an AMP two pin Superseal connector on the engine RHS that seems to be for an oil pressure sender (NOT the on/off low oil pressure warning light) but I cannot for the life of me find a sender (the low oil pressure sensor is there and connected into the engine loom) and though my Rover tech electrical manual suggests there can be an oil pressure dial, there is none in any 820/827 instrument pack I've ever come across. Reckon I'll just tie it off and ignore it unless someone has any bright ideas? I'm building with a stock 827 Mk1 Vitesse manual engine.

Onward and upward with multimeter, crimpers, wire, tape and solder... One day she will roar!


EddyP 4th July 2013 21:20

I don't think any of the Rover instruments had an oil pressure warning light. From what I remember there's an oil pressure switch on the filter housing (I could be wrong)
It might be that whoever made the harness put the wires in for a future oil pressure gauge if you decided you wanted one.

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