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matt78 5th March 2015 07:54

focus donor
Hi Folks. New to the site and kind of new to kit cars. Many years ago i started the locost project with the original book by Ron Chapman. To give an idea of how long ago it was i bought an mot failure but running mk2 escort for 40 quid and stripped it for the parts. Sadly i was unable to get any further and the project was abandoned when i moved over seas for a job offer.
However i recently found the old book out and decided to start again. The chassis is almost built and as luck for me, but not for my farther, his 2 litre focus has failed its mot. Runs and drives well but corrosion has set in and its just not worth repairing. Ive done a little digging and it seams the engine can be matched to an old ford RWD gear box with a few tweaks and i was wondering if this is an economical option and what else would be worth taking off that i can use? Steering and Breaks maybe? I don't know much about the zetec as I'm more of an old 2 stroke motorbike kind of guy. Any advise much appreciated.
I have done a search on here but the search is bringing up a blank page. Probably only temporary and i will search more later.

Chris Cussen 9th March 2015 13:35

Quite a few people have done Zetec RWD conversions. Rally design and Burton engineering do most of the items you will need.
I've looked into it but never gone further than an investigation but you will need to fit a spigot in the rear of the crankshaft to take the input shaft from the gearbox, re-locate the thermostat, get engine mounts made, acquire a rwd exhaust manifold. You will need to either use the Focus ECU or get an aftermarket one, and also consider if you want to use the Zetec injection system or go for twin 40DCOE weber carbs. Then there is starter motors and alternators to think about as well.
I assumed that I would buy a 'crate' engine for about 800 and the total cost would be in the order of 3000

I'd suggest you Google Zetec RWD and see what the turns up.

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