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Lucky@LeMans 21st February 2021 09:46

2021 Events !
Looking forward a few months I hope we will be able to attend some shows and motoring events just like did before the dreaded C word came about.

Prescott Hill Climb in the Cotswolds are hosting an Italian event on Sunday 30th May. Open to all as spectators but also on this occasion open to drivers in a non competitive event so you can drive the famous track in front of an audience ! They are taking bookings on a first come first served basis for Italian themed cars. Price for an entry and 4 runs up the hill is £125. Spectator only advanced booking prices are yet to be confirmed.

Lucky@LeMans 19th May 2021 22:09

This is now a closed event for participants only. You can take your Italian car and enter it in the concourse section for £25 which will grant you access. Thanks Prescott organisers, I wanted to go but I'm not allowed now !! I suppose I could put a prancing horse on my Audi and see how far I get !

Shelsley Walsh hill climb venue are doing a breakfast club meet on the same day so I've booked to go to that now ( £4 in advance )

froggyman 20th May 2021 08:12

Mototorsport UK are probably responsible for no spectators. Same at Wiscombe and Werrington Hillclimbs in recent weeks. Clubs desperately needed the revenue from the gate but were not allowed spectators.

Lucky@LeMans 20th May 2021 08:22

The concourse event is the way to get in around the back, that appears to be official as it has only just been announced !

Lucky@LeMans 20th May 2021 08:25

If anyone knows of events that are taking place in the coming weeks please post them here .

Lucky@LeMans 12th July 2021 10:27

Shelsley Walsh Classic Nostalgia is on this weekend, 17 - 18 July.

Lucky@LeMans 22nd July 2021 10:11

Prescott Vintage Sports Car Club event on the 7 - 8 August. There are a few tickets left, be quick ! I've booked Sunday

Prescott Coffee & Chrome / Breakfast on the 22 August. Tickets available

Stoneleigh Kitcar Show is back on the 28 - 29 August !!

Lucky@LeMans 26th July 2021 22:35

Also coming up;

Shelsley this Sunday 1st Aug
Broadway Classic Car Show Sunday 15 Aug ( pre book only )
Tewkesbury Classic Car Show Sunday 22 Aug ( pre booking advised )

Tewkesbury event is a big one with hundreds of cars on show. Bradway is a smaller scale event but set in the idyllic village of Broadway in the Cotswolds .

The Prescott Breakfast meeting is the same date as Tewkesbury but they are only 10 minutes drive from each other, make a day of it !!

Lucky@LeMans 6th August 2021 08:36

Prescott Vintage Meeting this weekend, I've rearranged and going on the Sunday now, looks like the only dry day of the weekend !!

Lucky@LeMans 14th August 2021 21:31

Is anyone going to Stoneleigh at the end of the month ?

Rebelrob 15th August 2021 09:27

Iím going all booked not sure yet on which day bringing son and grandson, hopefully to gain some information on the deon DGT and suppliers of interior materials.

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