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Lucky@LeMans 27th January 2021 15:10

My tyre shop was having problems sourcing the 165's so I've opted for 185/80's now. A bit taller and wider, they should be fitted on the car by the end of the week.

Lucky@LeMans 30th January 2021 20:33

A case of three steps forward and two steps back at the moment. Still waiting for parts to arrive through the post. Had a spot of bother with the RX8 gearbox conversion which required more work on the clutch release arm and bell housing. I've found that a Range Rover slave cylinder will fit in the tight space between the back of the engine block and the release arm. So final fitment of the gearbox for the fourth time in the morning !

Mister Towed 2nd February 2021 09:19

Tinkering with the gearbox to get it right will be well worth the effort. Keep up the good work!

Lucky@LeMans 2nd February 2021 13:27

Nothing major, just a clearance issue with the clutch cover fouling some webs on the inside of the bell housing. Two minutes with angle grinder to trim the webs down a few mm. I needed to tweak the release arm to find a few mm behind it to give some clearance at the front for the release bearing. They don't tell you that when you buy the adaptor plate, " it all simply just ", bolts together !

Mick O'Malley 3rd February 2021 07:31


Originally Posted by Lucky@LeMans
"it all simply just bolts together"!

Reminds me of Tim Dutton's Phaeton advertising: 'Build it in a weekend'. Yeah, right!

Regards, Mick

Lucky@LeMans 3rd February 2021 12:30

Westfield built one of their cars at Stoneliegh many years ago. Start to finish in a weekend. Whilst I was there I watched one of their blokes "fit" a rear light unit with self tappers so long they went that far through the grp wing and touched the tyre ! He didn't bother to drill a hole first so you hear the GRP cracking as he pushed it through, nice one!

Mister Towed 4th February 2021 07:30

Westfield's mechanics were probably in a hurry because there was a crowd of Caterham's lawyers outside about to storm the building...

Lucky@LeMans 4th February 2021 20:07

The tyres arrived and are now fitted to the wheels. Fitted the hub adaptors and turned down a set of wheel nuts to allow the wheels to fit properly.
I've had the body on a couple of times and decided to raise it 3" over the internal framework. My reasoning being;
1/ To bring the lower sill of the body flush with the bottom of the chassis rails.
2/ Allow for softer springs so the axles aren't fully extended as at present. I hope to see a 3" drop with the softer springs.
3/ Effectively lower the seating position so you feel lower down in the car.

Decided on the final finish at last, I'm going for an aluminium look in the same way as the Testarossa I built. I'll apply the same detailing on the Formasa, think it will look the part, its not a million miles away as it stands ! I think I can recreate that dirty, bare aluminium finish once again like the car in the video below !

Lucky@LeMans 4th February 2021 20:23

You've seen this before but something similar !

JG 4th February 2021 23:29

Never get tired of that video :hail:

Lucky@LeMans 9th February 2021 15:01

Anyone having trouble with couriers at the moment ? I ordered all the parts to make my exhaust system a couple of weeks ago. Delivery was expected last Wednesday but nothing turned up. I waited until Friday and followed it up with the courier who said it was delivered and signed for ! Not by me and not by anyone next door or down the road !
I've got my money back so I'll re-order and wait and see I suppose, what a pain in the a**** !

Mister Towed 9th February 2021 17:54

Stuff does seem to be taking a fair bit longer to arrive at the moment.

There are a few exceptions - Amazon Prime gets you most things on next day delivery for a modest price premium, while I ordered a ciggy lighter (phone/sat nav charger point) for my Speedster and a few other bits from Alan Schofield last week and they arrived within 48hrs.

Lucky@LeMans 10th February 2021 20:20

4 Attachment(s)
A couple of recent photos showing the wire wheels fitted along with trial fitment of the body again.
Still a couple of jobs to complete internal framework then it can be bolted in for good. I need to attach upper seat belt mounts for the 4 point harness's and finish some of the tunnel section welding that is best done off the chassis.
The exhaust parts are on order, again, so that will be done soon. Planning to use the Scimitar pedal box in modified form !
Before the body is fitted for the final time I want to have a running, rolling chassis just to make sure everything works, probably another week away yet.

molleur 10th February 2021 20:50

Looking good!

Mister Towed 10th February 2021 21:40

Awesome, that looks very mean.

Lucky@LeMans 11th February 2021 18:37

Too cold in the garage today ( -5c ) so I've ordered a few more parts online. MGA rear lights will look the part. I've also cut a set of four blanks for the coned rear tail pipes. They will need to be rolled into cones soon as I get a chance to visit the sheet metal shop up the road.

Lucky@LeMans 15th February 2021 17:25

Managed to roll up my exhaust cones and finish building the complete exhaust system. The rolling process is a bit trial and error but the results looked good, in the end ! I found an online calculator to work out the angles and allow me to make a card template.
Rather than go with cherry bombs I've found a pair of oval boxes that fit neatly in front of the rear axle. A coat of high temperature black paint will finish it all off. Thanks to Custom Chrome for suppling the tube with flared ends to my specifications.

Here is the cone calculator link ;

redratbike 15th February 2021 17:39

what a tease i thought we were getting a pic of the flared ends

coming together nicely by the look of it

Lucky@LeMans 15th February 2021 18:08


Originally Posted by redratbike (Post 105921)
what a tease i thought we were getting a pic of the flared ends

coming together nicely by the look of it

You really want a pic of my flared end !

redratbike 15th February 2021 20:37


Originally Posted by Lucky@LeMans (Post 105923)
You really want a pic of my flared end !

oooer ! yes please

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