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Noj 11th September 2018 10:01

Exhaust Options
I've just realised that when I originally ordered the kit from Marlin, I didn't opt to buy the exhaust (probably put off by the 470 price tag).

Reading through the forum there does sound like there has been some issues with getting the Marlin one to fit, I imagine the exhaust is custom built for the car?

I see some of you have modified/non-Marlin exhausts, so I was wondering how you went about this?

I don't want to fabricate one from scratch as I cant weld, are their other options out there that I could hack down to fit?

Cees Bakker 12th September 2018 17:07

For which engine?

Noj 12th September 2018 22:02

The 1.8t 20v BAM engine from a seat Leon Cupra r.

limpabit 13th September 2018 06:53

To be honest, 470 for an exhaust if it fits, is a good price.

I got a custom one made. But that was because I had non standard turbo ;)

I needed to trailer car there though to get it made. Though while there, got a nice manifold done at the same time ;).

Where are you located?

Noj 13th September 2018 09:19

I’m down in Wiltshire, in a small town called Westbury.

I’m thinking the best option would be to go back to Marlin and get one made, I was just hoping I suppose that there would be off the shelf options.

I do have a really nice Miltek on the car at the moment, but I can’t see it would be any use.

The 470 is without VAT but still I imagine 564 is still cheaper than getting one custom built

kon 13th September 2018 14:39

Bells in Old Town, Swindon do custom exhausts. I'm pretty sure they can price it to whatever budget you have. They made me a custom stainless system a couple of years ago, for my Astra for under 300 inc vat. Was only cat-back, but it sounds like that's all you need too.

limpabit 13th September 2018 18:34

I'd get in touch with Marlin as a first port of call. Especially if you have just bought the kit. Should be able to obtain one to fit.

Place I got mine done, is a bit too far from you in Bradford

JAC.Sports 10th October 2018 21:13

There is a company just outside Bristol - - they reworked mine on the car for me. Bells in Swindon (where I live) weren’t interested in it as it wasn’t a
Simple job. Cost me a couple hundred from infinity.

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