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Umgeni 15th April 2018 10:44

Lamborghini Countach Replica Kit Car Project
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Hi all,

I bought this about a year ago and as I have a number of other projects on the go I've decided to give someone else the opportunity to complete it!

The replica was started about 10 years ago and the following is included:

Purpose built chassis (I believe this is a Prova kit, but can't be 100% sure, could be a sienna kit)
The chassis has surface rust but nothing serious - I would rub it down treat it with rust stop and then paint it in chassis black

Full Suspension

Stainless steel fuel tanks

Rover V8 engine mated to Renault UN1 gearbox (I've not had this running but full everything looks ok) with exhaust, radiators etc

Ford Granada hubs (5x112 PCD), brakes etc (Wheels fitted are just to allow it to move it around)

Full GRP bodywork, also including alternative side skirts from 25th anniversary model, lights etc

Aluminium vents and fittings

Glazing for doors quarter-lights and rear window (no windscreen)

Be under no illusions - a lot of work is required to get this project finished!
I would say at least 6 months of evenings and weekends would get this finished, I would allow for:
Stripping everything off and start from the beginning - treat and paint chassis
refit suspension, brakes etc
rebuild the engine and test
electrical wiring
complete prep of bodywork (probably the biggest bit of the project!)
fabricate interior and trim
Paintwork interior and exterior
This is a great starting point for someone who is wanting a countach replica.

I don't have any paperwork with it but to get a registration, you would need to use two major components from a donor car (I was going to use a steering rack and front suspension from a scrap car to do this), I can provide a bill of sale.

Windscreens can be bought from other kit manufacturers, for example Prova sell everything you may need

Wheels can be bought from image wheels

Buyer will need to move it on a trailer, I can give a bit of help getting it on your trailer. I'm in Derby about 10 mins from J25 of the M1.

I'm looking for offers around £4000

Please message me if you would like any info!

tonyvan 23rd May 2018 20:14

Is this still available? If so please txt me 07723027282

tonyvan 28th May 2018 21:33

Hi does anyone know if this kit was sold, alternativly does anyone know of a part built or finished countach for sale?
Tony 07723027282

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