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Lucky@LeMans 27th November 2020 20:01

New build Scimitar Based Formosa
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No sooner had the dust settled from the completion of my last Tribute I was thinking of what to do next ! I've followed the progress of some of the Formosa builds, I've always had a thing for the late 50's, early 60's style LeMans cars and sports cars from that era. The Scimitar based Formosa has the best proportions in my eyes, the extra wheelbase over the Triumph based cars looks just right.
I've found a Scimitar SE5a, bought sight unseen from Scotland. That was delivered last week and is now stripped to the bare bones. The 3ltr V6 appears to be in good shape with evidence of a rebuild in the not too distant past. The chassis is 95% rust free which is a real bonus, not bad for a 45 year old car !

redratbike 27th November 2020 20:06

Woo hoo

Love watching these builds come together

Lucky@LeMans 2nd December 2020 19:30

Had the gearbox off to check the clutch. Nothing unexpected except a core plug in the back of the block that looks a bit corroded. Whilst lifting the hulking overdrive box out I've had thoughts of fitting a modern alternative. The old box is the external push rod selector style, not exactly slick. I've decided on a Mazda RX8 6 speed, lots lighter being aluminium and there is a readily available conversion plate to fit to the Essex lump. I'm not a huge fan of the Essex but it is has been rebuilt and does respond well to some simple and basic tuning.

Mister Towed 3rd December 2020 17:15

You might want to consider the RX8 5 speed box for your application as it has longer legs than the 6 speed. First is often cited as too low geared on the 6 speed to be of any use anywhere but climbing the North face of the Eiger, while fifth in the five speed is a significantly taller ratio than sixth in the 6 speeder meaning less revs at high speed.

5 speed tends to be cheaper, too.

Lucky@LeMans 3rd December 2020 19:09

I've been looking at RX8 boxes today. There are plenty of 5 speeds about and hardly any 6 speed. You might be right about the ratios and the 3ltr engine combination. Also found a used adaptor that should suit my plans.

Mister Towed 4th December 2020 13:51

Six speed box is scarcer and more expensive because everyone wants the bragging rights to having a six gear box.

That's fine if you have no torque and an engine output shaft spinning at 9,000rpm like in the RX8. Bolt it up to a torquey motor with a 5 to 6 thousand rpm red line and you'll be setting off in third and wishing you had another cog in the box on the motorway.

Sometimes less is more.

Lucky@LeMans 4th December 2020 16:00

Looks like the 5 speed will be the better option with the taller final drive. Main reasons for going with the Mazda box is the really slick gear change. The old iron 4 speed OD with the 3 rod selector has the worst change of them all !

Reinstated my blast cabinet today, one of the best tools in the garage. My compressor that I purchased recently can just about keep up with it !

Lucky@LeMans 6th December 2020 10:20

Just thought I'd mention if anyone is thinking of building one of these cars is the offer currently available from Formosa that extends until the 24th December. Check out the website and get £300 off the normal price for a body !

redratbike 6th December 2020 11:07

Have you ordered the gun metal coloured body Gary has mentioned on social media or silver ??

Lucky@LeMans 6th December 2020 18:00

RAL 7001 for my car, Silver Grey.

redratbike 7th December 2020 06:32


Originally Posted by Lucky@LeMans (Post 105496)
RAL 7001 for my car, Silver Grey.

I saw he had a couple of silver ones at last ... red gets a bit boring :-)

Lucky@LeMans 14th December 2020 19:13

The chassis is stripped of all the running gear ready to go off to powder coaters. Whilst waiting for the body it was the right thing to do, it all comes apart very easily so I'll refurb all the bushes etc whilst I'm at it !

Mister Towed 15th December 2020 06:11

Good idea to start with all new suspension, brakes etc. Looking forward to seeing more progress.

Lucky@LeMans 15th December 2020 19:32

A word of caution when building from older donor cars that haven't been on the road for a while. Check every nut and bolt is done up ! My Scimitar had been partly restored a number of years ago and is stripped right down to the bare chassis now. At least half of the bolts holding the suspension on were just finger tight ! The brake pads didn't have and pins holding them in place on the front ! The body came off a bit too easily as well because several bolts weren't there at all ! Check everything !

Mister Towed 16th December 2020 17:22


When I built my Spyder I had a brand new brake pipe that had been fitted by a previous owner come flying out of the union feeding the rear brakes while I was bleeding them. It hadn't been flared properly and blew out of its union when I stamped on the middle pedal to check if there was any air left in the system.

If that had happened on the road it would have had catastrophic and possibly fatal consequences as, being a single-circuit system, it would have caused total brake failure :(

My Speedster and all subsequent builds are getting dual-circuit brakes...

lancelot link 20th December 2020 15:22

I've had a chassis supplied by another trader who offers a restoration service that had several bolts loose , washers missing , loose engine mounts , brake flexi's with no lock nuts etc etc ...
If you are getting bored of red ones ... How about Aston Martin Chiltern Green ?

The gunmetal one is going on a Super 7 style chassis of unknown origin ...
I have a ruby red one going on a Burlington Arrow as well and a 236 CM body being moulded in Ruby Red to go to Arizona ...
Oh and 2 yellow cars being built too !!

Lucky@LeMans 21st December 2020 21:25

The powder coaters are taking the chassis next week and it should be back before new year. I've welded in steel floor pans with a 3" drop. Even being 18swg steel they seem to have added a fair bit of weight to the chassis. I used the equivalent of a 2m x 1m sheet to make the floors which is around 20KG. Probably a drop in the ocean compared to the Scimitar body. Each part of that was heavy, the bulkhead section alone being a two man lift !
I'm half way through cleaning up the suspension components which is all simple stuff and they will be ready to go back on the chassis when it comes back.

froggyman 21st December 2020 22:10

Great progress so far. Your builds are always meticulously performed. Will be interesting to see this one come together.

J46uar 22nd December 2020 08:32

Sounds a great project will follow it with interest. Colour great. Be interested to know if the engine gearbox combination alters the 4 inch set back for the engine position.

Lucky@LeMans 22nd December 2020 12:53

Wasn't planning to move the engine back. I know you can but it sits well behind the front axle centre line so not much to be gained. It will depend on the gear stick position with the RX8 box fitted. I won't make a decision until I've mocked up the body, seats etc with the engine in place.

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