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Lucky@LeMans 17th February 2021 19:50

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A bit more progress over the last couple of days. The Spitfire fuel tank has had brackets made to hold it in place. I fabricated a frame which is bolted partly to the chassis and partly to the inner frame structure.
With the last couple of weeks being so cold I haven't done as much as I hoped, but catching up now !
A couple of photos showing the rear part of the exhaust complete with tapered tips !

redratbike 17th February 2021 21:40

oooh!nice tapered tips

molleur 17th February 2021 22:58

Looks the business! Well done.

Lucky@LeMans 20th February 2021 17:14

More goodies turned up today. the engine is now fitted with an Accuspark electronic ignition system complete with uprated coil, plugs and a new set of quality leads.
I've made up some brackets to support the modified Scimitar pedal box in the correct position. Made them adjustable so the pedals can moved back and forth a couple of inches to suit the driver.
New mountings for the steering column are done and these are adjustable too allowing standard or raised positions.
I think I've got around the lack of speedo drive cable from the gearbox and found a GPS unit in the same style as my existing Smiths gauges, not expensive either, result !

Kuba 22nd February 2021 21:04

Hello Lucky@lemans,
This might be of interest to you. Have a look


Lucky@LeMans 22nd February 2021 21:29

Thanks for the link Kuba but I've already found a set of wires for my car. I prefer the proper knock on splined wheels but these might be of use to someone out there.

Kuba 22nd February 2021 21:33

Not a problem. Hopefully someone buys them, I'm myself tempted but I have no use of them at all. I know that you are constantly have a project on the go so thought about you.

Lucky@LeMans 25th February 2021 20:39

I've spent a bit of time finishing those half completed jobs that for some reason simply don't get done ! The exhaust system has been off and has had a couple of coats of high temp paint from front to back. The internal frame has come off for the final time and is now finished in a black paint job. I gapped the valve clearances and fitted the rocker box covers. New plugs and leads are in place.
The long list of jobs is getting shorter, the internal frame will be back on along with the body. Ali panel work next followed by the wiring !

Lucky@LeMans 2nd March 2021 19:13

Still working around a few jobs prior to fitting the body for the final time. I've just about finished the steering column which need to be extended by 150mm or so. My fancy tubular exhaust manifolds got in the way a little but after a small adjustment with heat and a large adjusting tool it all fits ! Some of the ali panel work can be done at this stage too whilst access is good. Gone are the days of laying on my back in the footwell ! Waiting on a special BSPT threaded elbow that will fit in the tank and once modified with am 8mm tube extension will form a new fuel pick up pipe. For some reason the Triumph specialists no longer stock them .

Lucky@LeMans 9th March 2021 22:41

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A recent photo showing the internal frame in place and the aluminium panel work underway. The upper part of the bulkhead will be completed once the body is refitted. The detail jobs take the most time but I'm happy with progress so far !

Lucky@LeMans 13th March 2021 16:50

A couple more jobs completed today including replacing a broken wheel stud. Worth a mention only because it could apply to any of the older donor cars being used under a Formosa or any other kit for that matter. The wheel stud I replaced had broken when I fitted the wire wheel adaptors. I felt it go when tightening up the nut to hold the adaptor in place. Easy enough to replace, just a matter of removing the hub assembly and disc from the hub. I replaced all four as a precaution. I bought them from one of the Scimitar specialists.

molleur 13th March 2021 17:47

Very good point. I once had a bugeye Sprite and had several studs break while removing the wheels for new tires. As a precaution, I replaced all of them. The car was only 10 years old at the time.
Be careful out there.

Lucky@LeMans 13th March 2021 19:40

The studs on the Scimitar are the button head type and it was the button section that sheared off.

I did take a photo but for some reason I can't load anything up at the moment !

molleur 13th March 2021 21:22

I see said the blind man...

Lucky@LeMans 19th March 2021 19:29

The body is all mounted up and bolted down. Door hinges to do and finishing the front bonnet hinges. The rear lighting and instruments going in next and final wiring jobs to do ! I'm still have problems loading photos so they will have to wait !

Lucky@LeMans 31st March 2021 22:14

Slow progress over the last couple of weeks but getting closer ! The detail little jobs take up so much time. The doors are hung, the instruments are in, the ali panelling work is just about complete. A few more new parts turned up in the post so I can finish off a few more jobs. New remote brake servo to fit. Neat all in one fuse box to go in and complete the wiring. The bonnet is hinged at the front and lifts up 90 degrees so excellent access. I've fitted inertia reel 3 point seat belts rather than harness's. A full harness is great in a race car but not in a road car, too restrictive for my liking. Fitted so the belt runs over your left shoulder in the drivers seat. I've seen this done to good effect in some of the Cobra replicas and in the Formosa allows for an easier installation.

Lucky@LeMans 1st April 2021 17:05

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Some recent photos;

molleur 1st April 2021 17:27

Very nice!

Mister Towed 3rd April 2021 06:54

Good work! The body moulding looks really top quality so shouldn't take too much prep for paint.

I mounted the seat belts centrally in my Spyder as they wouldn't have been high enough at the sides and it worked really well.

Lucky@LeMans 3rd April 2021 08:59

The body is excellent quality and won't take much time to prep. I might be changing my mind again with final colour choice, perhaps ! Originally thinking of an aluminium paint finish but now leaning towards a dark racing green like the old Jaguar racing green. I think it will contrast well with the ali panelled interior etc. What do people think ?

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