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molleur 3rd April 2021 12:45

Dark racing green will look good. Actually, with that body shape
almost any color would look good. Dark BRG is nice.

Mick O'Malley 4th April 2021 07:37

Goodwood Green (60s version)
I always liked this 1960s Leyland colour as it was quite dark. A pal of mine had a two door Austin 1100 in it.

Regards, Mick

Mitchelkitman 4th April 2021 09:07

Make it British Racing Green - how many 'shades' of BRG are there? Maybe 5 :lol:

molleur 4th April 2021 12:57

Should you like a really dark green, check out BMW color code 307
Dunkle Grun.

kon 6th April 2021 08:37

BRG sounds good to me. Did you see how Scottie's (Jag-inspired) A352 came out? Connaught Green i believe it was:

Lucky@LeMans 6th April 2021 12:24

Yes I remember his build and the paint job he did, a very good finish ! I think I'll be going for something similar.

Mick O'Malley 7th April 2021 05:54

Happy Days :)

Originally Posted by kon (Post 106267)
BRG sounds good to me. Did you see how Scottie's (Jag-inspired) A352 came out? Connaught Green i believe it was:

That picture was taken outside my house (reflection behind the S of Share) when Scottie came over to gee me up in finishing my own A352.

Regards, Mick

Lucky@LeMans 19th April 2021 19:23

Managed to get most of the wiring done now using my simple loom made from heavy duty trailer cable. Its a neat solution to an otherwise potentially messy job if you try running individual wires to everything ! The plan is to have the car drivable by the end of the week, maybe !

Lucky@LeMans 23rd April 2021 16:55

3 Attachment(s)
A couple of recent photo's showing the pollycarb screen trial fitted. I made some stainless brackets to support the screen, fitting it against the moulded indent in the scuttle. Looks neat enough and piping used to seal the join. I'll find some nicer screws for the final assembly !
The under bonnet area is just about done, I'm really trying to make it neat and clutter free !
Paint is on order , went with Connaught Green in the end ! That should be here next week by which time the car will be stripped ready !

molleur 23rd April 2021 18:41

very neat!

peterux 23rd April 2021 18:46

Very smart and clean installation, well done.

Lucky@LeMans 8th May 2021 08:42

Slow progress over the last couple of weeks ! Ali panel work is complete and included the boot area, the interior and under bonnet . I really must invest in a guillotine , using tin snips takes for ever ! The body needs prepping ready for paint, start on that during the week all being well.

Lucky@LeMans 1st June 2021 20:54

The paint job has turned out great. The dark Connaught Green was a good choice in the end, it suits the car really well.
Final reassembly now and should be just about done. I'll post some photo's when I've got it all back together !
The V5 has been processed by the DVLA so that's all up to date now showing correct make and model.

Kuba 1st June 2021 21:18

Well done. Can't wait to see it all painted and reassembled. Regards Kuba

Lucky@LeMans 3rd June 2021 15:45

3 Attachment(s)
Starting to take shape .....

molleur 3rd June 2021 16:26

exceptional paint! I like it..

Mick O'Malley 4th June 2021 05:50

It's a cracker!

Regards, Mick

Kuba 4th June 2021 06:25

Looks great, we'll done.

DaveP 4th June 2021 06:55

Looking gooooood. Thanks for the build thread.


Lucky@LeMans 4th June 2021 07:35

I'll get some more photo's soon, still a bit to do to complete it !

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