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GJGB 23rd July 2013 15:42

GTR cooling a bit marginal?
I see that with a 300+ bhp engine the cooling required an electric pump :shock: but have many of you other guys decided that was the way to go?

I'm judging the GTR cooling is a bit marginal (now need to cut slots in the front skirt etc) and wondering if it's partly poor coolant circulation if the long pipe runs are too much for the Rover/Honda water pump?

If I have to cough for an electric pump and install it, I'd rather do it now while the plastic is off the wheels :razz:


EddyP 3rd September 2013 18:31

I'm running 350bhp+ and still using the original Radiator, there's no electric booster pump, just using the normal engines pump.
To make the cooling worse, i've even stuck a big AC condenser and charge cooler radiator infront of the main rad and my water temp still holds nicely below 90, and that's currently only with one fan wired up.

When I had the Honda engine, I never had any temp issues either, you don't need the slots underneath, you don't need an electric pump.


GJGB 3rd September 2013 19:23


Many thanks for the info. It will save me further delays in my build if I don't have to b*gger about fitting a supplementary electric pump. I reckon cutting the extra slots can be done after the car's built if they do turn out to be required.


EddyP 3rd September 2013 19:29

You could do them after, but personally I wouldn't want to one it's painted.

Trust me, you won't need them, unless you decide on taking the car to the Sahara?

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