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Sammio Builder 4th August 2011 21:43

DVLA Inspection
Yesterday I had my DVLA inspection!

The weather was sunny and very, very hot!

Gary met me there and Stewart from the DVLA local office did the inspection.

The whole inspection took less than 10 minutes, so very different to my last kitcar which had an SVA test, and only passed on the third attempt! (Not my fault!)

Details here


davecymru 5th August 2011 07:03


Originally Posted by Sammio Builder (Post 22224)

The weather was sunny and very, very hot!


Well done matey, you're onto the home straight now!
Are you going to bring it to the Exeter show if you do get it done in time?

mulberry 5th August 2011 14:14

well done, i better pull my finger out and get mine done, did you book it much in advance..?

Sammio Builder 6th August 2011 00:21

Around 2 weeks, but most seem to be booked the week before.


Psycho pops 6th August 2011 00:22

Did you have the shin bashers and all ends cut off before the inspection? no problems with DVLA?

Sammio Builder 6th August 2011 00:34

The chassis can't be cut or sections removed in any way for the DVLA inspection.


Psycho pops 6th August 2011 09:18

Thats as i understood it, take it you despatched with yours immediately after looking at your pics...

Mister Towed 6th August 2011 20:29


Originally Posted by Sammio Builder (Post 22244)
The chassis can't be cut or sections removed in any way for the DVLA inspection.


Anyone know what legislation the rules about iva inspections and whether or not you need one comes under and where it can be accessed?

Sammio Builder 6th August 2011 20:55

Well its one of these options here

In fact, I think its this page here

Happy reading!


Mister Towed 6th August 2011 22:16

Thanks for posting the link Trevor.

The key bit for me is this:

"To keep the original registration number your vehicle must have eight or more points. This must include the original or new and unmodified chassis, monocoque bodyshell or frame."

To me it looks like a matter of interpretation regarding mods to the chassis prior to the inspection: The way it reads to me is that a new chassis needs to be an unmodified one, barring a switch to a tube or spaceframe chassis, for example, whereas the original chassis is just that, whether it's been drilled, welded, lightented, etc or not.

Any DVLA inspectors out there with a view on this one? :frusty:

Sammio Builder 9th August 2011 16:32

Mister Towed, more info here.

I've found another very useful link, with direct quotes from the DVLA.

Interesting reading.....


Mister Towed 22nd August 2011 18:16

Very useful link: best to leave the back of the chassis sticking out the back of the shell as 'bumper mounts' until the inspection's completed and signed off then. Doesn't appear to be any rule about changing your mind and chopping them off afterwards, though... :noidea:

BTW, sorry for the delay in replying, been aborad for a couple of weeks and banned from the computer by she who must be obeyed.

WorldClassAccident 11th September 2012 07:51

This section off the ACE website is probably most pertinent to Sammio builoders looking at the rear of the chassis and lowered floor plans. Quoted from DVLA:

It is NOT allowable to shorten the main chassis construction in any way ,even past suspension mounting areas ,for example, ‘Bobtailing’ of Land Rovers.

Both of these modifications would lead to the loss of the chassis ‘Identity’ and, therefore, it’s 5 points.

Primarily, the replacement body should be modified to fit the chassis structure rather than the other way round.

If additional floor supports are required, for example, these should form part of the body and bolt to bodymounts, of the type mentioned above, on the chassis.

Paul D 22nd September 2012 20:44

And another one gets inspected!

Many thanks to both Gary, Mike & Dave for giving up their time for me on Thursday when our inspection took place in Poole. A completely painless experience, I would thoroughly recommend to any other Sammio builder within reasonable travelling time. Looking forward to the new document coming through soon. Great to see what whats cooking in the workshops & thanks for all the valuable build tips.

Cheers guys!

Mister Towed 22nd September 2012 21:41

Congratulations! It's quite a milestone, isn't it. Nice wheels btw, very shiny.

davecymru 23rd September 2012 08:11

While I am chuffed for you, I do think that having your inspection in the dry does seem like "cheating" somehow... not that I'm jealous in any way you understand! :)

Look good matey. So it'll be all done by Exeter then! ;-)

lancelot link 23rd September 2012 08:56

LOOKS LIKE I BROKE THE VOSA REGULATION THERE ....No spanners sign and I stood right next to it !!

We actually got two done at the same time...a build for a guy in Warminster called Burt who bought a kit about 9 months ago....

Paul D 1st November 2012 19:57

Having had a successful inspection at VOSA in Poole on 20th September, I have waited patiently for five weeks for the DVLA to send through the new V5c document.

When nothing had turned up this week I finally got on the phone to DVLA Swansea to find they had not received any documentation.

Five phone-calls and half a day later (no surprise there I guess...), I discovered that said documentation from the inspection was still sitting in Bournemouth DVLA office's in their IN TRAY for vehicles AWAITING inspection. Nobody knew why, or even questioned it.

I have today received back by post my original Sammio body-kit receipts from Bournemouth DVLA, with a note advising that I will now have to wait a further 4 - 6 weeks for Swansea to issue the new V5c.

As it happens, none of this delay really matters to me at the moment - but it could be a showstopper to others.

The moral of the tale is: Don't rely on DVLA getting things done. Chase them up early and keep chasing or you might just wait for ever!

Paul D.

oxford1360 1st November 2012 20:17


Originally Posted by Paul D (Post 36989)
I have today received back by post my original Sammio body-kit receipts from Bournemouth DVLA.

Do you have to submit the body-kit receipt with the paperwork? If so, I might have to get a replacement from Gary.

Mister Towed 1st November 2012 20:23


Originally Posted by oxford1360 (Post 36992)
Do you have to submit the body-kit receipt with the paperwork? If so, I might have to get a replacement from Gary.

I didn't need to at Peterborough. I meant to mention that I'd lost it but plain forgot on the day and it was never raised as an issue. Then again, mine was the fifth or sixth one the chap had done.

I was beginning to fret about my V5 not showing up when my wife said 'oh, by the way, this came for you ages ago'...:icon_frown:

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