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freeman41 19th February 2019 12:47

Some Winter Improvements
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The rear wings are a different profile when viewed from the rear and a number of people have mentioned this to me. I have a similar problem around the headlights but no one seems to notice this. I feel sure most builders on the forum will have come across these problems.

When I first started the build I did not feel confident enough to rectify these problems. There is also an uneven section on the grill surround but I feel this is a job to far.

There are some stress fractures across the rear of the body and the gel coat is starting to lift in this area. There are a few other areas I am not happy with so now is the time to hopefully improve things.

I am laying extra fibreglass to the underside of these areas to make them more sturdy and remove some of the flexing, rubbing down and laying surface film to the face before applying filler.

I put a couple of saw cuts in the offside rear wing to allow me to pull it into shape without stressing the wing or applying a large amount of filler to improve the shape....This has worked quite well.

The car will get a re-spray and some new stickers hopefully this time not to hide the imperfections.

I'm not looking for perfection. I like the aged look but the fractures are getting worse.

More photos of the progress

Paul L 19th February 2019 16:55

Good luck making the changes you want.

At least driving it around for a while should have uncovered all the issues. < Touch wood >

Cheers, Paul. :)

Yorkshireman 28th February 2019 21:18

Looking good Trevor with the mods to the body you are doing. I have been doing a fair amount myself. I am hoping to drive mine on the roads with Leeds fine potholed roads to test out my bodywork skills. Are you sending your Sammio local for painting or are you spraying the car yourself. Good luck with your winter modifications Dave

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