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swifty 3rd May 2017 15:09

250 SWB Head Linner
Being putting together a plan to build a hard top 250 swb and was wondering what other people have done to cover the underside roof area to hide the fiberglass.

hurnleft 3rd May 2017 15:46

I used the stretchy fabric/carpet stuff for lining vans. It's very forgiving but if you use spray glue, like I did, it will sag down in warm weather. It was easily re-glued though.

swifty 3rd May 2017 16:55

Cheers Hurnleft that sounds like a good solution, i should of thought of using this fabric as i have a mate who converts camper vans and use's the same stuff but he has a spray glue that is temperature stable to stop it falling off.

molleur 3rd May 2017 17:07

An alternative is to take a splash of thin GRP from inside the shell and upholster that. A few thin "mounting blocks" could be 'glassed in for mounting.

aofb 3rd May 2017 21:40

Mines lined in black acoustic carpet using spray heavy duty contact adhesive, direct to the fibreglass.

ned 4th May 2017 15:25

I used the black acoustic carpet swell , i used a spray adhesive that is supposedly not affected by the heat but i can't remember the name, its an age thing sorry

Egdik 11th June 2017 00:52

roof insulation
Recently I 'discovered' that an epoxy coating on the ceiling is extremely sticky the next day, when first some extreme dynamat was added, followed by the cbs lead foam sandwich.

For a headlining 'card' Chris made a grp panel off the top of the car and we have cut that in half longitudinally and covered it in foam & lining. It will fit above the strengthening frame. The frame is also covered in foams and the same wool lining, plus a thick foam on the front cross tube. It is all a tight fit, but hopefully, will give good insulation and appearance.

Sealing the doors and window frames is a much greater problem . . . .

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