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grahamhughes 15th December 2020 10:48

rear lights
what year mx3 do i need to source the rear lights from or are they all the same
regards graham

EddyP 16th December 2020 08:25

Hi Graham

They’re all the same, plenty of OEM style ones on eBay or you can get a Lexus style one which makes it look a bit more modern. There’s two versions of the Lexus ones, chrome and black inlay, I’ve got black on my car I can’t find them from a quick google though. You might need to look at eBay in the US and import a pair.

grahamhughes 16th December 2020 08:50

rear lights
thanks eddy
i saw a pair on ebay for 45 so took a chance and bought them they come with wiring loom/bulb holders
regards graham

GttNz 17th December 2020 00:59


I see you've already sourced some but for what it's worth I did what Ed has suggested and imported an aftermarket darkened set from US Ebay, can't find the link at the moment though. Don't take it as gospel but I have written MX3 92-97 in my notes.

Good see you're still flying the flag Ed.


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