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Gamphy 5th August 2018 10:29

Clutch pedal height adjustment
Hi All
Picked up a 97 Z3 2.8 last night drove 270 miles East to West. No problems apart from the physical height of the clutch pedal compared to the brake pedal, it's about 2 or 3 inches too high. I am not referring to the clutch bite position, that's perfectly good, it's the physical height of the pedal, my knee hits the steering wheel when putting the clutch in.
Is there any way to adjust the pedal height? Again I say nothing to do with the bite position that sits where it should, it's the excessive clutch pedal travel after bite that's the issue, poor knee us twisting to get my foot on the pedal and it's starting to hurt.
Anybody else suffer this issue? Any simple cures?


aofb 21st August 2018 20:05

Id suggest you're looking at one of the following:

1. Custom designed pedal (probably not as big a job as it sounds but you'd need to pull the pedal box out)
2.Pedal box adaption to allow the pedal to stop lower upon return - move the master cyl if necessary
3.Different return spring if this governs pedal position.

Unfortunately my build is MX5 based and I have no idea how the Z3's laid out...

Gamphy 22nd August 2018 09:43

Thanks, there is a custom pedal already produced in the USA for exactly this reason, so looks like that's what I'll do.

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