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redratbike 30th November 2018 13:39

DNA250 kit ... get your wallet out
starting bids at 10k

Munky 1st February 2019 20:40

Jaguartvr 2nd February 2019 07:28

I would like the story about the 2x 250 Californias for sale on eBay for 176K & 178K. Search 250 California and select highest price.
They have been up for ages, started at 99k, then went to 156K and now 170+. Can't see them being sold at anything like that price but they keep paying for the adverts so they must be getting enquiries or sales.

Lucky@LeMans 2nd February 2019 09:12

Might be down to that old sales trick of price conditioning. You have the price set really high to start with as it is now. You will get people who are new to the market looking to buy and they see the item at a high price. The seller leaves them at that price for a month or two then the price is halved. The people looking to buy will see the reduction and jump in, hook line and sinker ! The seller still gets the price he really wants and everyone is happy !

Jaguartvr 2nd February 2019 10:50

I did think that but none of the expensive cars seem to have sold, sitting there at a high price without selling just makes people think they are overpriced.
I just can't work out why the 170ishK cars are still being advertised, got to be about 15 a month to advertise on eBay, and why keep putting the price up?
What am I missing?

Alex 2nd February 2019 15:15

My next door neighbour is retired but has a little studio in his garden shed where he does various pottery items. He sells them at craft fayres etc and he said to me that if he has a lot of items left with about an hour to go at a show he doesn't put the prices down but doubles them and he generally sells everything he has left. Strange how it works, must be the same principle for these car sales

Mister Towed 5th February 2019 06:19

It's the same in the art world: if something doesn't sell, keep doubling the price until it does.

That was being used successfully by a young Arts graduate who set up his own gallery selling his and other young artists work in the Bristol area about twenty years ago, and the strategy was suggested by a lecturer at Bristol Management School.

Having said that, 150k+ does look like a lot of money for a fibreglass replica. Form it in aluminium and drop a V12 in, though, and you might get a taker at that end of the market.

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