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WorldClassAccident 15th April 2020 13:19

Paint woes after 6-7 years
About a year or so ago I noticed that there were pimples developing around the back end of the car. This was happening both on the glass fibre rear panel and the metal boot. It almost looks like a paint reaction but waiting five years to react seems a little slow.

I thought it might be some kind of environmental build up mixed in with the car wax or similar so used the excuse of lock down to really blast the boot lid with the power washer as clay bar didnít touch the bubbles. Letís say it didnít quite go to plan.

This was the metal boot panel but the pimples are on the glass fibre rear wings too. The car lives outside and is used in all conditions. Any ideas what has caused them and how I can prevent them returning?

As a bonus I might post pictures of me trying to respray it with rattle cans out on the driveway if I can find some black paint.

Grey V8 Pete 15th April 2020 16:45

Most annoying to say the least. I have seen this happen before when a car is kept outside under a dust cover usually with glass fibre panels. In hot sunlight it cooks the paint and up pop the bubbles. Some people have made a simple wooden “box” cover on wheels, to roll over their car. That allows air to circulate around whilst still keeping the elements at bay. Peter.

Lucky@LeMans 15th April 2020 19:14

Its Patina, like a fine wine, it just gets better with age !

Leave it alone, it takes years to develop that old car look !

WorldClassAccident 16th April 2020 08:00

Micro blisters in the primer is the expert opinion

Lucky - just beginning to wish I had listened to you

WorldClassAccident 16th April 2020 12:14

I had a good look around the car and the only places the micro-bubbles really show are across the boot lid which I have sanded back and on the top of the rear wings as shown in the red oval areas

I gave one patch a quick rub with some 1000 grit to see what would happen and it appears that I could sand it flat without cutting right through the paint which would save time and sanding.

If I did this:

A) Would the micro-blisters reappear as soon as the sunshine heats them up gain
B) Would I need to use primer or could I go straight to black paint?

Please remember that this is just an every day driver, not a show car, although I do like showing it off. Also, I will be painting this with Halfords rattle can paint on my driveway outside to set the expectations in case this affects your answers

WorldClassAccident 16th April 2020 13:32

And a couple after running 1000 grit over the affected parts of the wings

This only started as a couple of white spots :-(

WorldClassAccident 16th April 2020 17:07

Well the primer stayed mostly on the boot panel and seems okay

Until you spot the crack I should have noticed before and filled and the splodge where the can spat a blob of paint out. Also some fool has drawn big red ovals to highlight them :-)

For the crack, do I just mix up the worlds smallest amount of filler and smear it into the crack or is there a better method?

Lucky@LeMans 16th April 2020 17:39

Hmm, the Halfords paint is ok but I wouldn't want to spray it on my car ! What sort of paint is on there at the moment, two pack ? Then there is black and there is black, getting it to all blend in now and match will be the challenge.

Maybe Geoff can book it in after the lockdown is eased ?

You'll have to dig out the crack and fill it to get best results.

WorldClassAccident 16th April 2020 18:18

BMW Jet Black from Halfords. Good enough I hope for my run around. I do have some 2K lacquer on on order to give a hard gloss

I will widen the crack and fill it (ooo-err missus) in the morning.

Jeff can make some easy money when the plague clears repairing my attempt


Lucky@LeMans 16th April 2020 19:28

Fair do's, give it a go. At least the weather is dry and the humidity is low for painting. You'll probably make a good job with the lacquer on top.

Mitchelkitman 16th April 2020 22:08


Originally Posted by WorldClassAccident (Post 103909)
BMW Jet Black from Halfords. Good enough I hope for my run around. I do have some 2K lacquer on on order to give a hard gloss

I will widen the crack and fill it (ooo-err missus) in the morning.

Jeff can make some easy money when the plague clears repairing my attempt


Won't 2k lacquer react with the black if the black isn't 2k?

WorldClassAccident 17th April 2020 08:04

Won't 2k lacquer react with the black if the black isn't 2k?

Good question. Does anyone know the answer?

There was no mention of 2K paint in the video I watched on YouTube but that doesn't necessarily mean much.

EDIT - Just checked some more YouTube ait seems nottbe a problem :

Lucky@LeMans 17th April 2020 15:41

1 Attachment(s)
I picked up an old, abused, Burago 1/18 Testarossa a couple of years ago. It was sat in the garage whilst I was putting the full size one together !
It was a bit bashed up so I spent a couple of hours on it today including a Halfords rattle can paint job. I put clear coat on it too and it worked out ok. I should have done it in an aluminium colour but I only had dark grey.

Mitchelkitman 17th April 2020 15:48

But your clearcoat was only single pack?
AIUI single pack (paint of clear) can be applied over 2 pack, but 2 pack can't be applied over single pack.

WorldClassAccident 17th April 2020 16:33

I have had it confirmed by an expert - 2K over celly is fine as long as paint is left to flash off first. Celly over 2K can cause issues.

Lucky@LeMans 17th April 2020 16:45

I thought Halfords paint was an acrylic rather than cellulose ?

WorldClassAccident 17th April 2020 18:08

I will check in the morning but you may well be right.

WorldClassAccident 19th April 2020 11:32

Okay we had a day of rain that delayed things but when I went down to the car, oh dear. See those big green trees in the background? The reason they look so bright green is because the leaves are just coming out and dropping the bud husks all over my car as you can see on the bonnet

The garage seems to be blocking anything coming in from behind and the sides are holding up well. As the wind is blowing from the garage towards the from of the car I might get away without needing to make any more plastic walls.

I have wiped the back of the car clean and will see what it looks like in 30 minutes. If it is still clean then we are good to paint.

Lucky@LeMans 19th April 2020 17:12

How did it turn out ?

Did you fire up that green patio heater to aid the drying time ?

WorldClassAccident 20th April 2020 10:23

I ended up putting up a third wall on the spray booth to minimise the dust.

Paint down but the clear coat hasn't been delivered yet. If I can get out of these teleconferences I might take a photo of it pre-clear coat

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