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andysharrock 13th May 2020 18:04

Z3 rubbish keys central locking problems
bare with me this is a long one to explain
I have had six bmw z3s all of them have had pants keys that work only when they want to if at all when it comes to central locking. With my current build I have fitted a toggle switch hidden so you can lock,unlock the car without relying on the button on the key. I have fitted alfa handles on my kit with the travel in the door lock it's near impossible to lock unlock it off the key with the alfa handle. so I am thinking of a switch in the door that will lock it by using the key in the door handle connected to the central locking. so problem the key always returns to the middle on the door handle it needs to stay up or down on a toggle middle is off .bmw works on 3 wires one permanently live, hold live to either of the other two wires it will lock hold it on the other unlock, but needs to stay in position . any brain boxes reading this got an idea around this :yo:

andysharrock 13th May 2020 18:56

scratch all that just been out and had a quick play the live wire only needs to touch once for a split second. that said a toggle switch should work if the key always returns it to off in the middle same as the key. up on middle off down on return to middle if that make perfect nonsense but should work will try it tomorrow

WorldClassAccident 14th May 2020 15:31

Moment switch not toggle switch if it only needs a quick contact

peterux 14th May 2020 17:07

An electric window switch may work as they return to the centre off position?

andysharrock 14th May 2020 18:08

4 Attachment(s)
sorted it made a test mock up template this morning with some hardboard and a mounted door handle the toggle switch does work the central locking spot on .The three wires need to be cut in the door and run to the switch up on middle off down on in line with the operation of the key. last picture is of the hidden type switch I use if the door lock ever fails it gives me another way of opening or locking the doors.
Attachment 6778

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Attachment 6780

Attachment 6781

molleur 14th May 2020 18:40

nice solution, good thinking!

andysharrock 15th May 2020 18:30

basic but then again complicated can be a pain when they start going wrong so I will stick with basic

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