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5EXi-R For Sale!!! Dream Spec!!!
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Ok, the time has come.

Sadly the JNRacing 5EXi-R is up for grabs, as JNRacing is no more.

I am totally gutted to have to sell the car as there has been a load of effort and thousands of hours gone into it to make it that little bit better.

The car is being sold as a powered chassis but there are body designs which can be sold separately to the car. There are a few options on purchasing the car so please pm for details.

The car is a 1 off as it uses only Honda Parts or Marlin supplied/special build components. No Rover! The car was the first EXi to ever have straight drive-shafts and use the Honda Civic Type R as its single donor. The front hubs use the rear spindle off the Civic and have a custom housing and fit inside the original Marlin Carries. Also there is a custom Big Brake Kit designed and made for the car by a leading distributor for AP Racing. The car also has a Race Dyne suspension set-up. There has been no expense spared on this car on safety and mechanical components which is why it is a dream spec car.

Pictures can be found in the Albums 1,2 & 3 on my Bebo Page


Marlin Lightweight RACE Chassis,
Front/Mid/Rear Floor Pan,
All Ali Side/Bulkhead Panels,
Marlin Lower wishbones,
Race Dyne Upper wishbones,
Race Dyne Lower/Upper Pick-Ups,
Gaz Pro Shock Dampers,
500lb Front Springs & Tenders,
600lb Rear Springs & Tenders,

Honda Civic Type R, (K20A2)
Custom Race Exhaust System, (106 DBA)
BMC-CDA K20A Induction Kit,
Marlin Race Fuel Tank,
RaceTech Primary Fuel Pump,
Forged Swirl Pot,
RaceTech Secondary Fuel Pump,
RaceTech Power Boost Valve,

APRacing - CP5060 Calipars, (Pro 5000 6Pot)
APRacing - CP3581 -542CG8, (343mmx32mm)
JNRacing Custom Mounting Brackets,
JNRacing Custom Mounting Bells,

Team Dynamic Pro Race 1.2 Rims, (Gloss Black)
7.5 x 17 Front - E15 Offset,
9.0 x 17 rear - E23 Offset,

GoodYear Eagle F1 DSG 3 Tyres,
215/45/17 Front,
235/45/17 Rear,

Marlin Wiring Loom, (with dash mounted switch panel)
Marlin Quick Race Steering Rack,
JNRacing Steering Column,
Corbeau Pro Series Seat, (Carbon/Kevlar-Standard)
Luke Roll bar Mounted Harness, (5-Point 3x3)
Mono Boss Kit,
Snap-Off Quick Release Kit,
Sparco Extreme Race Steering Wheel, (310x270)

Carbon Effect MotorSport Wing Mirrors,
SVC LED Brake & Indicator Rear Lights,
206 Angle Eye Headlights (Black) or GTi Headlights,
Clear Side Repeaters,


I have no set price for the car but please make sensible offers. I have receipts which total to over 22K not including all the little bits and pieces so grab yourself a bargain.

PM me for more details or any queries,

Jon Coombes

craig 2nd December 2007 21:51

Jon, if you are that hard up you might want to put it on ebay as there is not much scope for kits let alone unfinished ones.

You would need to be prepared to have an extremly low reserve maybe as low as 6k 2nd December 2007 22:04

Thanks Craig,

I have a week or two before it gets really serious but ebay has been on my mind. I am looking at any offers over 5K to be fair as I know its worth nothing. As Nick wants out then I may have no choice but to sell even though its cost a load more.

All I can say is the new owner will get a bargin

craig 2nd December 2007 22:12

Jon, this sort of thing regarding value has come up before and I think most people who build cars know they are worth jack shit really!

I have said before on here that I would not expect to get much if I sold but maybe you could consider selling the engine separately as they are going for 2-2.5k dependant on milage of course. But I suppose your kit would not fetch much at all without the engine.

Can you not get a loan/borrow from parents etc 3rd December 2007 07:48

I could get a loan but there isn't much point as I then couldn't race it as I would be paying the loan off.

Ric H 3rd December 2007 21:17

Sorry it's come to this Jon; it's a real shame.
I don't like to suggest it - it might be bit heartbreaking - but would you get more if you broke the whole thing up and sold it separately? Could be a plan B at least.

On the other hand, maybe there are some lurkers on here deserate to get their hands on it and save themselves some build time!

Ex-Biker 4th December 2007 13:57


Been following your build with interest. Very sorry to hear you are now having to sell.

Marlin not interested in taking it on? You must have 5k worth of parts alone, without the chassis & body. 4th December 2007 14:28

Thanks for the comments guys,

It is a shame but to have the car complete to my standard it would take a few years and then a year to pay Nick out as I don't even very much atall.

The car with parts is worth about 5K, there is also a lot of wasted items as they are all designed for the exi. So its better to shift it all in 1. Yes it willhurt to see the car leave and will hurt the piggy bank but I'm writting off every penny spent on the car and what I get back is a bonus.

It is annoying as the only thing that needs to be done to make it look finished is the bodywork. The chassis could go on the road but it would be pointless as you couldn't go far with the fuel tank, and it is bloody hard ride with no engine mounts no suspension and it being 40mm at the highest point lowest being 30mm sat in the padock it would be painful everytime you hit a cat's eye,

Mark doesn't want the car as it isnt really one of theres anymore. It just sooo close to being complete that its anoying just need a few people asking about the new body kit for the car then I may be able to keep it and get the car finished.

However if the car is still sat in my garage in April it will still be going to the Action Day at Castle Combe.

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