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dave2451 10th April 2014 13:19

Engine choice
my wife saw some pics of the gt3 and wants for her birthday next feb and why not!!!
now as she is an auto driver her last car being an FTO and she also wants this to be automatic, i have available a ford cougar 2.5 auto low milage. have emailed chris at vortex and he recommended 3.0lt st mondeo. It seems a shame to not use the cougar but chris says i would have to sort out the electrics, would anyone know how much electrics i would have to do to make this feasable,
my background is in commercial vehicle OEM and confident in 24/12v wiring solutions if this helps.

EddyP 10th April 2014 23:16

Hi Dave,
I currently make the harnesses for the Ecoboost powered cars and did look into the V6 mondeo harnesses briefly, the main issue I had was a lack on information on the Ford harness, especially on the CAN bus side of things as the Mondeo uses quite a bit of CAN stuff.
I'd suggest that if you started with a Mondeo harness and then modified it to suit it would be possible, this will be even more important for yourself as you want an auto hence there'll be extra ECUs etc..

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