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Lucky@LeMans 31st January 2021 17:11

Looks great Geoff !

Munky 31st January 2021 19:46

Looks fantastic!
I bet your amazingly happy with it!
Thanks for sharing.

casamolino 1st February 2021 13:05

Cheers guys really happy , guy spent considerable time on panel gaps , made up with paint , Geoff .

casamolino 17th February 2021 14:05

Just recd my updated V5C back from Swansea to show change of colour etc , make is know TRIBUTE Z3GATO no mention of BMW anywhere , Geoff .

casamolino 23rd February 2021 12:37

Good afternoon before i advertise these seats on Ebay i thought i would put them here , they are a pair of Cobra Cub seats bought brand new and the covered front and back in Leather by Rich at Cheshire Car Trim , probably only used for about 50 mile , guess what the other half does not like them so they have to go , complete with the runners , main selling points are they are the narrowest seats i could find! are suitable where Headrests are reqd for MOT , minimal use , £550.00 for the pair plus carriage .

Paul L 27th February 2021 06:54

Geoff - A belated congratulations on your paint.

That is a great colour choice and the car looks amazing. :cool:

Enjoy, Paul. :)

Munky 3rd April 2021 15:22

Any updates Geoff?
I’m guessing you have been busy tweaking things to make your Z3GT even better!

TheLaughingCow 4th April 2021 18:09

Very nice!

casamolino 5th April 2021 09:59


Originally Posted by Munky (Post 106249)
Any updates Geoff?
I’m guessing you have been busy tweaking things to make your Z3GT even better!

Morning all , work carried out recently has been to have a head-lining fitted by Rick at Cheshire Car Trim , this has covered the roof and around the rear side windows and also around the rear screen (down to top of seat height) . I have just completed the rear parcel shelf and covered it i the same carpet (Green) as will cover the floor . The seats that i had made (see previous post) have know been sold , i bought a pair of old MGB headrest type seats stripped them down cleaned the frames and repainted them then fitted new rubber webbing , bought new (hump type foams) and had Classic Car Seats nr Stafford to supply and fit new leather covers , they did a great job and i am really pleased with the look and the comfort , will take photos soon . PS my seats were all black no coloured piping .

Munky 6th April 2021 03:08

Wow! You make me feel ashamed at how little I’ve completed on my old 911 by comparison!
Sounds like a real labour of love!

casamolino 19th April 2021 18:59

Evening couple of car interior photos as promised , its a much nicer car to drive (quieter) with the interior completed , probably most pleased with the centre console which i made up out of 9mm ply covered with scrim then leather , the first time i have worked with leather , the console is wider than ones i have made previously but this one merges better with the Z3 glove box .The radio is for "show" its non functioning there isn`t the depth where i wanted it , basically i cut the rear half of the radio off! The chrome radio grill hinges down on small piano type hinges to reveal the standard Z3 heater controls , Geoff .

molleur 19th April 2021 22:08

Well done!

Mister Towed 20th April 2021 07:21

I love the period speaker grille and the dummy Motorola wireless. The whole effect looks really convincingly 1960's, which is quite an achievement on a Z3 interior.

kon 20th April 2021 11:26

Nice work, looks great!

Originally Posted by casamolino (Post 106320)
The radio is for "show" its non functioning there isn`t the depth where i wanted it , basically i cut the rear half of the radio off!

Didnt project binky have the same problem? I believe they approached a stereo manufacturer (mighta been Alpine, cant remember) who were quite happy to make them a separate faceplate, which un-clips like a normal stereo, but had the wires extended to allow the main bulk of the unit to be mounted elsewhere, so got tucked under the seat, where they could still put CDs into it. I dont think it was particularly expensive either.

casamolino 20th June 2021 12:51

Just got my wire wheels back from being refurbished by Tudor Wheels in Southampton , they were not that bad but some of the spokes were not looking great , Tudor wheel did a brilliant job the finish is now superb , so thank you to Richard at Tudor .

Jaguartvr 22nd June 2021 13:42

What happened to the lovely chrome wheels in the first few pictures? They looked far nicer than the later pictures.

I had some bolt-on wire wheels powder chrome coated by the same people as you but it was not a good experience. I was quoted a price on drop off but when I went to collect them he wanted an extra £10 per wheel for the small centre cap (fitted to the wheels and not mentioned when the price was agreed on drop of). He then wanted an extra £5 per wheel for a box (I was collecting them) and then wanted to charge more for some bubble wrap.
When I dropped them off and after he had looked at them he said they would look almost as good as new, when I went to collect them a lot of the finish looked like the surface of the moon, this was, of course, my fault as I had brought in such "crap" wheels.
All that is done is blast and powder coat, something you can dome cheaper and local.

The MGB seats look very good and are suprisingly comfortable. I trimmed mine wiyhout headrests and trimmed the rake adjusting lever that hides the "MGB" origin a little.

casamolino 22nd June 2021 16:11

I was quoted a price and paid that , really pleased with the finish on mine , ref the MGB seats there does seem a lot of "noise" that they are uncomfortable , but maybe the new webbing/leather and humped foam make all the difference , wont there be a problem come MOT time if no headrests? all the best Geoff .

Lucky@LeMans 22nd June 2021 17:27

The toned down look of painted or low gloss silver powder is better on a classic car in my opinion ! I saw an MGB in town today, obviously freshly restored but you needed sun glass's to look at it, far too much bling !

Jaguartvr 22nd June 2021 22:35

No problems with no headrests so far. I replaced all the seat foams and replaced the webbing for the later diaphragms. Also used the humped seat foams and added heated seat pads.

I do think that the chrome powder coated wires just too dowdy, not too bad when viewed on their own but when they sat next to my Mk2 Jag with perfect chrome wires they just looked awful but I know the choice of chrome or paint is a personal choice.

I think Geof's car looks far better with the proper bonnet aperture, take the "kit car" look away. For some reason the windscreen looks much better too, the 250 screen always looks far too high compared with the door glass. I do like the look of the new 250 recreation doing the rounds at the moment and think the 250SWB kit would make a great base but couldn't live with the high windscreen.

casamolino 12th July 2021 13:36

I attended a Classic car show at Weston Park nr Telford yesterday and spent the day describing details about the car , one gentleman explained to me the the screws holding the side window frames were not correct! i assume he left his Zagato at home :icon_wink: Geoff .

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