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Lucky@LeMans 30th June 2018 17:43

Z3 Exhaust options ( six cylinder )
Having made the most of the good weather over the last two weeks and covered a few hundred miles my exhaust has now decided to start blowing out where the down pipes attach to the main exhaust run under the foot well area at the front.
Both the flanges have corroded along with the bolts . I'm thinking about a cheap fix to see me through the summer. My options seem to be to cut off the flanges and replace them with a tube sleeve along with a couple of jubilee clips or do it properly with new parts.
What's the best option, I'm sure others have had the same issues ?

WorldClassAccident 1st July 2018 17:47

The more temporary the fix, the longer they last. Do what you feel best with.

But remember my delayed trip to Le Mans with you caused by the 'zip tie' failure causing the engine to die while loading onto the train. by WCA!, on Flickr by WCA!, on Flickr

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