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slartibartfast 19th March 2014 11:56

Cheers Viatron. I know a chap that runs a small engineering works. I'll offer a few beers and see if I can make use of a fly-press.
Will keep you all posted ....

slartibartfast 31st March 2014 21:08

Hi. A decision has been made. Get the head done professionally. Found a specialist engineering works about 8 miles away in Milford, near Godalming. Facinating place to visit. He will skim the head and put new valve guides in and regrind the valves for less than 200 quid .... bargain in our part of the world.
Next took ot the valve guides. This tells a different story. See if you can spot the odd one out?
Yep!. I'll replace them all.
The big end bearings and crank look virtually brand new. No scoring oand as tight as .... well ... as tight as a very tight thing :icon_rolleyes:
The cylinder bores also look pretty good with no scoring (although this photo doesn't look that good). I think I can go ahead with just replacing the piston rings although open to suggestions/comments.
Should I replace the pistons at the same time?
<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt=" photo DSCF9870_zps48b4eda1.jpg"/></a>
Should get the head back in a couple of weeks and start the engine rebuild.
Will update you all in due course.
looks like I have some catching up to do.

garyh 1st April 2014 08:53

I thought that was a holesaw! thanks for the pics as it actually shows what i should look for.

slartibartfast 27th April 2014 20:03

I have been working on the Sammio .... honestly :eusa_shifty: ... Mainly painting up and cleaning bolts & things whilst the head is being sorted .... I think I will give the guy a call tomorrow ... he's had it for over 4 weeks. Once that's back I can fully rebuild the engine & gearbox & put it back in the chasis. I'll replace the clutch plate & release bearing whilst it's all stripped down.
The bulkhead is prepped, just wondering what colour to spray up inside. Black or silver? I'm going for a maroon type red for the main colour.
Today I've been doing a few little jobs on the Morris Minor & Rover P5b. Still can't get the Rover to run properly .... it stalls when hot and then it'll start but just won't pull when put in gear ... just stalls again. Hey ho !:doh:
Some pictures attached. Hope to make some serious progress soon.
This is the bulkhead getting prepped
A good rub down and a couple of coats of Hammerit plus another couple of coats of underseal.
And 3 or 4 coats of etch primmer inside.
Big ends all back in place and torqued up as per the manual. Seems like the oil pump had been replaced so I didn't strip that doen.
More soon.

Paul L 28th April 2014 19:20

Your bulkhead reminds me of the one on my original donor, "good to go" with just a lick of paint required. :cool:

So let's not talk about the fact I actually ended up using a rusty mess of a bulkhead instead. :rolleyes:

Other Spyder builders have said that cutting the bulkhead to match the contour of the body/bonnet is a good idea.

I guess the inside colour of the bulkhead would depend on what colour the rest of the cockpit is going to be?

Good luck, Paul. :)

slartibartfast 29th April 2014 13:43

Cheers Paul. I've decided on silver inside the cockpit, although a lot will be covered in black/brown vinyl in due course. The final colour for the car will be a dark red/maroon.
I chased the guy refurbing the head yesterday and assured that this would be ready by next week-end latest as I hope to have a proper rolling chassis by the end of May.
More piccies to follow.
Q: any of you guys recommend stripping a gearbox? Not done one before and it seems a little daunting. I was only thinking of replacing the synchro gears. Any answers most welcome.

Mister Towed 29th April 2014 17:46

Nice to see you're making some progress Slarti. I've never rebuilt a gearbox myself but I've just come across the perfect tool to tackle the Herald gearbox rebuild with on ebay though. Well, the description says 'fits Triumph Herald' anyway...


slartibartfast 30th April 2014 20:56

Bizarre indeed Mr T :mmph: Looks like that instrument is more suited to brain surgery than car mechanics :madgrin:
Anyway .. been in the workshop/carport painting up and stuff ..
Removed the timing chain cover ....
.. looks like just a new chain and tensioner ..
of course I'll put a new seal in. I just want to get the engine & gearbox back by the end of May .... grrr
Never mind ... all progress is good as I'm sure you all know.
Won't get much done this week-end .. a School Reunion in Worcester .... GREAT FUN ... many beers !
Keeeep buildin'

slartibartfast 11th May 2014 17:49

A good week-end on th Sammio ! Wife went shopping with our eldest daughter for wedding dresses ... another expense! but it did give me the chance to work in the carport under cover (didn't it rain!). But as I STILL haven't got the head back I did some more painting and cleaning of bits & bobs ....
Thought I would try the frame on the chassis ....with a bit of coaxing it dit fit and all the bolt holes lined up ..
Then I stripped down the fuel pump.
Nice and clean out side! ...
but inside was a diiferent story ... ..gauze filter seemed ok ... but inside was ... well ... slightly MUCKY ... ...over a heaped teaspoon of ... rust and dirt.
Hopefully pick up the reconditioned head next week and start to put things together.
I've got this idea at the back of my mind to put 2 x 6v batteries behind the seats a la MGB instead of dropping the battery box .... any thoughts on that from you guys/gals in the know??? Love to hear from you ....
Onward & upward ...!

Paul L 11th May 2014 19:44

Good to hear the framework lined up without any major problems. :cool:

Viatron 11th May 2014 20:26

Or you could fit a smaller battery like the one I'm using from here:

slartibartfast 13th May 2014 15:28

Thanks Viatron. I take it you've had no problems ...

Viatron 14th May 2014 19:23

Nope not with the battery anyway!

slartibartfast 14th May 2014 20:58

Cheers Viatron.
I Think I will go that route.
To update ... I gave the chap who is refurbishing the head another chase-up today ... it's been 7 weeks now when I was quoted a fortnight :frusty::frusty:
As I'm off on holiday till 24th May ... I ain't gonna get the head back for the long Bank Holiday week-end ... which means I will certainly miss my target of having a rolling chassis with engine & gearbox by the end of May :frusty:
Will keep you all updated ...

slartibartfast 17th June 2014 22:15

Two Steps Forward ! One Step Back :(
One of the reasons I've not updated is because my computer has been playing up BADLY !! The other reason ... I've not actually done much ...
But... received the bits & pieces I ordered ...

and started fitting ...

With help from my Son in Law, the engine & gearbox are now back in the frame ..

The head has at last been returned & will be fitted shortly, along with the water pump & other ancilliaries...

The one step back relates to the Hardy Spicer joints in the propshaft ....
One of the needle bearings fell over in assembly & I had to prize it appart again. All is now well & more piccies to follow .... Hope I'm doing well ..

slartibartfast 29th July 2014 10:10

It seems ages since my last post but I have been working away. As before the engine & gearbox are firmly in and with a little blood, sweat & a few tears the prop shaft is back in with new Hardy Spicer joints. Oddly when I phoned a chap about having it rebalanced he said that it was probably not necessary ...? if it does vibrate it shouldn't be too much to whip it out again. The bulkhead is back on and I've test fitted the lowered floorpans. I put a series of Riv-nuts in and will bolt them down with some sealant/mastic to get a water-tight fit. After that it will be a test fit of the body. More piccies to follow.
Sorry I've been so slow .....:ranger:

Mister Towed 29th July 2014 12:49

Nice to see you're still plugging away at it SBF.

Will you be spivving it up at Goodwood Revival again this year?

slartibartfast 29th July 2014 14:56

I certainly will Mr T :thumb: I take it you will be going .... If you would like cheap B&B (i.e. buy me a couple of beers) send me a PM & we can sort something out.

Mister Towed 30th July 2014 08:11

PM in your inbox. ;)

slartibartfast 30th July 2014 21:41

Photos as promised
Here we go.... putting in the floorpans.
First I positioned them and drilled a series of pilot holes for the Riv-nuts
Then drilled out the chassis to accommodate the Riv-nuts & pinched them in
Once they were all pinched in I positioned the dropped floorpan and ... sure enough, all the bolt holes lined up. I can now put some mastic down & fix the pans properly. Here they are just in place to make sure they fit.
One of the reasons I've been a bit delayed is because I offered to fix a mate's Mk 2 Land Rover as the exhaust manifold was leaking. I drilled out the studs, tapped for replacements & hey presto ....fixed.
This was my reward :smile:
This COULD slow down progress even more ! But there is not an "R" in the month so that will have to stay in the cupboard until September.
This week end I plan to fix the floor pans for good & have a trial fit of the body shell. Wish me luck :pray:
Keeeep buildin'

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