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Lucky@LeMans 10th August 2019 09:15

14" Centre Lace Wheels Borrani Style
I came across some really nice 14" centre lace wire wheels on ebay. Very similar style to Borrani's of the period. Under 600 for a set ( new ) including adaptors and spinners. They would need additional work to fit a Z3 base car but might be worth the extra hassle as many of the 250's / 275's etc were fitted with 14" wheels.

The seller doesn't ship to the UK so you'll need a go between to help out.

eBay item number:

Jaguartvr 10th August 2019 12:19

Item doesn't come up on or

I think 14" will look wrong, 15" are marginal, 16" would be better but you would have to fit lower profile tyres to stop them from catching.
I personally think 15" with a 65 profile tyre is the best. compromise

Found them

I came across them a couple of years ago, they would ship to the UK but shipping was 1000usd and then you had import duty and VAT.
The biggest problem is that they have a reverse offset, this means that all the rim is to the outside. You would have to cut the wing and fit 1970's style rally bubble arches, probably not a good look.

Lucky@LeMans 11th August 2019 14:39

Having looked again I can see what you mean. I suppose they might work in some applications where you would otherwise have to fit really wide spacers.

See if Trump / Boris come up with a genuine free trade arrangement and USA imports should be far more attractive !

lancelot link 11th August 2019 15:49

So when are we going to see some pics of your 275 build Lucky ?

Egdik 19th August 2019 22:32

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If you are interested the Pelican Inn also has a room or two overnight on the Friday and or Saturday. We are staying there Friday night.

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