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micky1mo 8th November 2019 16:04

Sammio re-worked
I recently had a request from a customer who, while he has been studying the Sammio build threads came across pictures of the original "Alpha" body.
He liked it so much he asked if the mould was still available and weather I could reproduce one.

I had never look closely at the original mould but, after much effort I managed to locate the moulds and although they were quite thin they were in reasonable condition so I attempted to lay one up.

This is the result. :bolt:

On the whole not a bad effort and although I do have to sort out a few issues the customer is very happy with the result and has placed a firm order.

The customer intends to fit it to a Triumph Spitfire chassis using a cage frame similar to the way the Miglia is built :biggrin:

The wheel base for this body is approximately 83"

Although not perfect the body in pictures is very usable so if anyone is interested in the body pictured please PM me I am looking for offers on 900 as the driver's door is missing. The driver's door could follow but only when and if I find the mould for it! :laugh:.

micky1mo 11th November 2019 19:38

I'v just listed this body on E-Bay.


micky1mo 16th November 2019 11:17

I'v now found the driver door and have re-made a mould so I can also supply the driver's door :peace:

Paul L 17th November 2019 06:30

Mike It would be great if we got to see a build thread for this.

micky1mo 17th November 2019 19:03


Originally Posted by Paul L (Post 102729)
Mike It would be great if we got to see a build thread for this.

The customer who has just purchased a body has agreed to do a blog.

I also plan on starting a build blog but mine will probably be a Scimitar SE5 conversion so a bit more involved with the body work. :eusa_wall:

micky1mo 19th November 2019 08:51

The body didn't sell on E-Bay.

2650 hits and 102 watchers but nothing.
Seems the interest is there but not the commitment! :mmph:

Lucky@LeMans 19th November 2019 11:10

I'm sure it will sell, ebay is a good start but I'd also put a free ad on the "car and classic" website and as many online platforms as you can think of. Its not the best time of year to sell but if you push the "winter project" angle you'll probably get a result !

micky1mo 29th November 2019 19:24

The pictured body was relisted on E-Bay and sold :eusa_dance:

I am lead to believe the buyer does frequent this site so that's now 2 bodies sold and hopefully there be another new SAMMIO build tread starting soon. :shock:

micky1mo 4th December 2019 15:28

The body was collected by the winner who turned up in a Transit van.
I thought he was going to put it on the roof rack.

NO, he got the angle grinder out and cut it in half to fit inside the van.

And fit it did. :whoo:

He's now looking for a donor and says he'll start a new thread when he starts the build. :dance:

Mitchelkitman 4th December 2019 17:50

I guess that's one way of getting it in! :icon_cry:

Paul L 8th December 2019 15:57


The good news is that the new owner is clearly fearless with the grinder from day one.

Which means that nothing should phase them during the build itself.

Good luck, Paul. :)

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