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Lucky@LeMans 23rd November 2019 14:37

Man cave Project !
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I'm still waiting on my 275 project to come back from the paint shop. The garage has been revamped with new floor paint and white washed walls.
Still bored waiting so I decided on a project with a pile of rubbish that was about to go down to the dump.
A bit of lateral thinking needed but it is something I had thought of a while ago. Only had two items to buy, the rest made from the pile of junk. I also found a stainless steel bowl in the kitchen ( don't tell the wife ! ).

Come back tomorrow for the next instalment, can you tell what it is yet ?

Grey V8 Pete 23rd November 2019 16:26

A revolving bird scarer! ��

Lucky@LeMans 23rd November 2019 16:46

Nope ! But I found some old spark plugs that might go in the mix !

Dpaz 23rd November 2019 21:26

An artistic plant pot holder, for easy access to small parts.

Lucky@LeMans 23rd November 2019 22:24

Satin black paint and aerosol expanding foam was needed too. Lots of tube cutting , 14 straight sections of 1/2" stainless tube.

Lucky@LeMans 24th November 2019 14:34

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Just waiting on the circular glass top I've ordered through ebay, but otherwise its about finished ! 6 hours and a just few quid invested !

molleur 24th November 2019 14:36

very cool!

Lucky@LeMans 24th November 2019 14:44

Thanks ! Its 24" diameter so makes the ideal coffee table. I saw a full size Pratt & Whitney radial engine converted to a table. It was fabulous but so was the price at over 10k !

molleur 24th November 2019 15:06


Dpaz 24th November 2019 17:18

Why did you tell us? GRR! I had figured it out looking at the picture, and then you gave the game away. Very nice!

kon 26th November 2019 14:19

I had no clue, glad u told us lol.
I would have guessed some kind of savage, heavy-duty catherine wheel

Lucky@LeMans 27th November 2019 12:19

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Now finished complete with glass top.

Will be listed on ebay and sold to the highest bidder !

Dpaz 27th November 2019 13:05

Really good show. When I am between projects I am trying to tidy up, but the next project starts about half way through!

molleur 27th November 2019 14:44


Originally Posted by Lucky@LeMans (Post 102816)
Now finished complete with glass top.

Will be listed on ebay and sold to the highest bidder !


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