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Lucky@LeMans 4th August 2020 16:40

2020 Gathering ??
Is anyone up for a low key, socially distanced get together around September time ?

I'll pm Kidge to see if he has any intentions of arranging something, like last year perhaps.

The Historic Specials Day at the Burford Wildlife park is on this Sunday 9th, if anyone might be interested.

Mick O'Malley 5th August 2020 08:10


Originally Posted by Lucky@LeMans (Post 104874)
The Historic Specials Day at the Burford Wildlife park is on this Sunday 9th, if anyone might be interested.

From the 50s/60s Specials Group on FB:

As agreed with Cotswold Wildlife Park team 12.00noon 4th August.
1 Drivers of Classic cars get in free no need for membership cars but just need to identify as part of the Historic Specials Day event.
2 Passengers within the vehicle pay the group rate on the gate.
3 Visitor spectators in normal cars need to obtain an e-ticket on-line.
4 Our event, and the number persons involved has been accounted for with in the Parks allowed visitor role.

Regards, Mick

Lucky@LeMans 5th August 2020 15:56

Thanks for the info Mick.

I got the details from the Fairthorpe Sports Car Club website. There isn't anything to suggest pre registration for non "classic" car drivers, I suppose they assume everyone who attends will be in a classic !

Will non classic car drivers have to pay the entrance fee for the Wild Life Park even if they go no further than the car park ??

IanA 5th August 2020 18:18

If you are driving anything that looks "interesting" they will assume that you are there for the show and not charge for the driver. Usually, go past the payment booth and turn left. Go past the cars parked on the left, round the barriers if need be to the end field. If you are not in a 50s kit car, you'll be directed to a line of cars a few yards from the show "area". It's a super friendly show with an approachable crowd. Once you are in, the rest of Cotswold Wildlife Park is open to you. Say hello to Ian the rhino for me.

Lucky@LeMans 5th August 2020 22:18

I'll probably go and have a look, that will be the first car event of the year ! Shame my Z3GTc isn't ready yet !

Lucky@LeMans 10th August 2020 17:12

Called in at the Historic Specials Day yesterday the first event I've been to since lock down. Well worth the visit on a great sunny day, too bad I was in the tin top ! I think the organisers were saying that around 45 cars turned up dating back to the 50's. Quite a few newer cars too including Mick in his D Type, *see his post with photos of the day.

Mick O'Malley 11th August 2020 06:42

Castle Combe Autumn Classic
According to their website, this great event will be going ahead. Let's hope so :).

Regards, Mick

Lucky@LeMans 11th August 2020 10:56

Its strange how motor racing events are strictly competitors only whilst car shows can go ahead if the organisers choose to put them on. This show is on whilst Stoneleigh is off ! My local Autograss club held an event last Sunday, they would normally get around 150 spectators but this too was competitors only ! The Burford event probably saw similar numbers but everyone was being careful and keeping their distance, it wasn't a problem at all.

Lucky@LeMans 14th August 2020 21:02

I've heard back from Kidge. Whilst he wasn't planning to arrange anything this time he did say he would happily attend if something was arranged.

I'll get in touch with the Pelican Inn where we went last year which is near Hungerford just off the M4.

If you would like to go for an informal meet at the end of September please can you let me know and I'll confirm things nearer the time.

Drummajor 15th August 2020 09:34

I believe Belinda at Classic Coachworks is planning an “open day “ soon.

Mick O'Malley 23rd August 2020 12:58


Originally Posted by Mick O'Malley (Post 104920)
According to their website, this great event will be going ahead. Let's hope so :).

Regards, Mick

I have received an e-mail from the Historic Lotus Register advising me that the public will not be admitted: entry will be for registered club members who have booked and paid in advance. It's now a two day event, so I paid the extra six quid in case one of the day's weather forecasts looks dodgy. The BBC Weather Site shows a fine-ish outlook for both days at Chippenham. If poss, I'll go in the S4 Seven on the Saturday to placate the HLR General Staff and the A352 on Sunday.

Here is the list of clubs thus far registered from Castle Combe's web site. As it's a good few weeks away I imagine any additions will be smiled upon :)

Regards, Mick

Lucky@LeMans 23rd August 2020 13:10

Thanks Mick, thought this one was going to open to the public ! So far I've had zero interest in a meet so I wouldn't want to be pre booking a group at events such as this. I'll get in touch with Classic Coach Works to see if they are doing an open day as suggested above. That might be a good place to meet up.

Drummajor 2nd September 2020 15:24

Anybody got any news on this ?

Lucky@LeMans 11th September 2020 08:17

Thanks to Boris I think we can safely say our plans are off until next year !

Mitchelkitman 11th September 2020 10:24


Originally Posted by Lucky@LeMans (Post 105152)
Thanks to Boris I think we can safely say our plans are off until next year !

Is Boris the name of the bat that started all this then?? :heh:

Lucky@LeMans 11th September 2020 16:21

The random number of six people as a maximum "gathering" has been discredited by the scientific community. Does make you wonder where they get the figures from. I feel sorry for the workers in my local super market, it is often rammed with 100+ people. In another setting that would constitute an illegal rave !

Mitchelkitman 11th September 2020 18:12

The goal is to get less mixing of people, it's difficult to rely on the common sense of a lot of folk, so the Govt come up with an idea to create a limit and hope people will stick with it. I've noticed that many people have become complacent - one example....a cafe we used a few weeks ago wasn't allowing any punters near the counter, all payments to be made at the table. Last week it was ok to go to the counter to pay, and the proprietor's friend was standing close beside the counter for a good 20 mins conversing with no mask on - this wouldn't have happened the previous visit. Just one example, but if this is happening all over the Country (and in places of higher population density than sleepy Norfolk) the numbers infected will rise.

Lucky@LeMans 11th September 2020 19:14

I know its a problem and at the moment there is no easy answer. Its down to individuals being sensible but people all have their own ideas. Vaccines are still a long way off in the future, treatments are getting closer by the day though. I'm a share holder in a UK company called 4D Pharma. They are working in a new area of medicine for treatments from IBS to cancer to Covid19. Their trials are showing some very positive results with proven safety. There is plenty going on behind the scenes.

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