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Danny_HUFC 30th June 2017 06:08

Kobra dash
Been away from the forum for quite some time now so just having a catch up on the threads.
I notice the swb dash conversion and it looks fantastic!
Has anyone done 1 on a kobra?
Also what dials etc where used on the SWB dash?

Summers coming up and ive got a kobra kit sat there doing nothing so I'm on the look out for a 3.0 donor.....

DaveP 30th June 2017 08:43

Welcome back to the fold Danny.

I am unsure as to that dash in anything other than an SWB. It's an interesting thought though


Barber 30th June 2017 11:44

It is a dash for a z3 isn't it?

casamolino 30th June 2017 19:22

Evening Danny , i am currently changing the Z3 dash in my 250SWB , there are a couple of pictures and some details on my build thread (Geoff's 250 SWB Replica Build), if you need any more info please message me , thanks Geoff .

Danny_HUFC 3rd July 2017 08:44

Geoff, i have had a look through your thread but none of the pictures show up? I tired on my iphone and my laptop. all the images just say 'Please update your account to enable 3rd party hosting'??? I can see everyone else pictures just not yours for some reason?

DaveP 3rd July 2017 12:18

That's photobucket being a bunch of anchors :(

Danny_HUFC 3rd July 2017 15:00

So how can i get to see them or is it something geoff has to do his end?

casamolino 3rd July 2017 18:28

Evening Danny PM sent , Geoff .

casamolino 3rd July 2017 20:18

Evening Danny i started with this ,

Then dismantled the Z3 instrument panel ,

Removed the Z3 instruments and fitted to the rear of the Jaeger units

This gave me a rev counter and a speedo but in the large Jaeger units , the water and fuel guages were fitted into old Smiths units ,

Side view,

Front view ,

I also printed new faces to include Veglia , hope these help , Geoff .

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