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3148markc 24th September 2018 22:12

Tribute Mx250 insurance recommendations
Apologies I'm sure this has been asked a dozen times but who's the best insurance companies to go with for the MX250.

Or just an insurer who is familiar with the kit/ build.


Jaguartvr 25th September 2018 09:32

Adrian Flux has always been the cheapest for my 250.

mazdarazmataz 25th September 2018 16:03

Footman James is £120 for the year for me on my mx250

jones 25th September 2018 20:11

Adrian flux for me just under £120 a year for me with 3000 mile limit

3148markc 8th October 2018 15:09

Thanks all. Went with Adrian Flux was a little more for me at £190 for the year but canít grumble, process to insure seems straight forward enough.


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