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MikeD 25th April 2019 18:48

Sammio Spyder Colours
It's been a while but I am getting ready for paint at last!!
It may be on the forum somewhere but..... does anyone know what colour the Lancia D54 was back in 1954. Rosso Corsa comes up here and there but is there a RAL number or something I can quote to the cellulose supplier.

Any help gratefully received cheers Mike

Lucky@LeMans 25th April 2019 20:52

Send a pm to Jeff H, his Tribute 250 SWB was that colour, he painted it himself. Best paint job I've seen in a long time !

Paul L 26th April 2019 07:14

Mike Ė Great news on your progress. :cool:

But where are the photos damn it!


Jokes aside, the D24 appears to come in a number of different shades of red.

So I would just pick the nearest RAL colour to the one you had in mind.

Personally, I like the darker red.



Garyís Formosa for Chris @ Tribute

Good luck, Paul. :)

MikeD 24th June 2019 20:59

Sammio colours
1 Attachment(s)
Paul sorry for the lack of pictures but here goes....

this is my colour choice being tested... the red on the right is FIAT Tiziano red, the closest I can see to what I am after. I had better like it I just ordered 2.5 liters of cellulose.

Hope the picture is attached Ok, if so then I will treat you all to a whole bunch of photos since I restarted.

Paul L 25th June 2019 06:24

Mike Ė I think your Spyder will look great in that red. :cool:

As you can see, the photo worked fine, so feel free to add more. :icon_wink:

I donít think Iíve seen one with a sunken petrol cap before, will that have a hinged cover?

I know life got in the way of your build, but you must be happy to have now reached this stage?

The way I look at it, it doesnít matter how long it takes as long as you get on the road eventually,

Good luck, Paul. :)

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