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andysharrock 11th October 2020 17:47

ZGT build 7.5
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so not been on the tribute page for a while been plodding on with other builds but my kit arrived thursday so I dropped my other builds to make the most of the weather.

Attachment 7127

car was already stripped so good start

Attachment 7128

half day fridays so got stuck in

Attachment 7129

anyone spot a problem lol

Attachment 7130

andysharrock 11th October 2020 17:56

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Yep deffo a problem I removed a binned the rear bumper bar for another kit so nothing to support the rear of the kit. I could not get it to sit right so I bonded just the front on the top of the window screen. Once it was set I came up with this for the rear end

Attachment 7131

Attachment 7132

Attachment 7134

works a treat holds in good and tight and all now lines up now its all on I have gone round it with PU 18 so it should not move.

Attachment 7135

could relay do with a longer drive or selling some cars, nope longer drive lol

redratbike 12th October 2020 14:44

Ha ha Longer drive

forgot about your other build tucked around the side

Been following the 356 build

On this one The wires really suit that In black

What’s the thoughts on body colour ?

Do they really go together that quick? (Coming from someone who has never done one )

andysharrock 12th October 2020 15:55

got to be British racing green ,not sure on other mods its taking a back step at the mo got another project on the go the pickup lol

Lucky@LeMans 12th October 2020 19:44

Probably the same for the hard and soft top versions is that the rear aluminium bumper support beam has to removed and put on upside down. That allows the grp infill panel to sit correctly. Chris happened to mention it in passing when collected my kit. Also keep hold of the boot hinges on the convertible as the kit makes use of them unlike other models before !

If I built a hard top version the Aston Martin Illusive Blue would look just fantastic.

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