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MadDogMoggy 1st June 2013 23:43

IVA fail: Wheels/Wheelarches
Bodywork failed IVA as wheels (mainly rear) protruded outside of the wheel arches.

I've checked the receipt for the wheels (not actually taken one off to check that the wheel matches the receipt yet) and they are Rota Slipstream 15" 6.5" ET40s. I believe this is the same as a standard Rover alloy wheel, so I don't think a wheel swap wheel work (pun entirely intended).

The tester did say that he has tested a lot of 5Exis - apparently a fair few make it back to the factory for bodywork fitting and SVA/IVAing and this was a problem with early bodies. He believes they widened the mould slightly for later bodies. Anyone measured the width of their's (just as a matter of interest).

If it turns out I have got standard size wheels, and a 'slimmer body' (not unlike my own haha) then it looks like I'll have to fit wider wheel arches. Anyone done this?


eaa53 2nd June 2013 11:58

Rear Arches

I fitted the far arches that were supplied by Marlin. See this thread below. It shows the supplied extensions that I grafted into the rear clam.
posted on 14th March 2010, 11:06

I have other pictures showing the completed effect but this may not be what your looking for short term.

It may be possible to fix a rubber 'spat' on to the underside of the arch edge like the Lotus

I know of another builder that has made and fitted a similar arrangement for his car. (He actually saw your car in test the other week while he was questioning the tester ready for his own test shortly).

Hope that helps.


alackofspeed 2nd June 2013 13:48

Interesting - mine passed with 7J ET35 wheels.

The quick (and cheap?) fix would be some 14" wheels with a 5.5j rim and skinny tyres?

limpabit 2nd June 2013 14:01

Standard Rover wheels (turbo ones i got)
6"X15 et 45, 195/55/15 or 195/50/15
These just passed the SVA with standard rear end

MadDogMoggy 2nd June 2013 14:11

Again, thanks for the feedback/ideas.

The problem with new wheels/tyres is that as they will be different from those that the vehicle was originally presented with, the car would need retesting on any related issues. This would be correct load and speed rating for the tyres, plus testing the accuracy of the speedo again. Therefore if I can borrow some wheels/tyres they would need to comply with max speed of vehicle on IVA form or I'd need to get (as Johns suggested) some skinny tyres on suitable skinny wheels that could prove expensive.

The new arches from Marlin look 'interesting' but would need a lot of work to fit (especially as my bodywork is likely to stay as gel-coat for some time). I think there may be issues with the radius on the lower edge as well. I would also imagine the lead time from Marlin is likely to be months, not weeks.

I'd thought about some rubber strip, similar to the lotus idea, and asked the tester. He said that any extensions should be of a similar rigidity to the rest of the bodywork and permanently fitted (although 'what you do with the car after IVA is up to you')!

I was thinking of making some extensions, perhaps with a foam core then covered in GRP or body filler and sprayed in a contrasting colour (ie black). These could be clipped, bonded or bolted on in a semi permanent way. Perhaps labour intensive but relatively cheap and simple. I don't know if anyone else has tried this. It may be possible to keep them for others to use (when we SVA'd the Tiger Supercat we needed extensions for the front indicators to move them out from the nose cone. There were several sets of extensions passed around forum members when their tests were due).

Cheers again

limpabit 2nd June 2013 19:48

The Rover wheels passed two 5exi's with rear clam projections. Load and speed ratings passed for a Rover Turbo (Heavy iron lump) and Honda DOHC 1.6 (light alloy lump). One at 150+ and 130 MPH speed ratings. Tyres are Z speed rated and think 112 going by memory, load rating.

Had two different examiners. My one was great. Let me put rubber trim etc and tried for ages to get it through emmisitiobs before it failed. Passed on second go. Other tester for other 5exi owner, was very strict. But wheels passed at the back.

The testers were quite helpful. If your close to the IVA centre, you could pop along for advise to see if they would pass by throwing them on the back end there.

It all depends on how long you have for the retest. Does the car need a full retest? Or is there a time limit for a retest of just the bits it failed on?

I intend eventually, to get the wider arches. Only because I need wider rubber for rear end grip. But only to hopefully 205/215 rubber.

bigrich 2nd June 2013 20:53

Hi Tim,

Unfortunately there isn't a 'standard' rover rim width... 2 widths that I know of on the 200's....6J & 5.5J ET45.

My 7 spoke rims - same as these ( are 5.5J x ET45 with 185/55 R15. These were the OEM size for the 216 Se? that I scrapped to build mine. These passed OK with my 2005 bodywork, but there is not much room for error. If I'd have fitted 6J with 195/50, then probably would have failed.

The steel spare (long since sold) was the same size perhaps there may be a set of steels around somewhere??


mike joiner 3rd June 2013 18:13

Wheels body
Hi there I am looking with interest at this as i have a body that was collected approx 1 year ago it measures 1664 mm across wheel arches and with rover 25 stock rims on with 195 55 R15 tiers, wheels marked 6.0JX15 CH ET45.0
look to be fine.I hasten to add that it has not been for IVA yes, at least this will allow you to check size of body if nothing else

MadDogMoggy 3rd June 2013 21:02

Thanks again for all of the advice/offers of wheels etc.

I've gone through several options (including building up foam cored GRP covered wheel arch extensions) but Jono has set me back on what I think is the right track:

I found some Foamex (also known as Foamalite, Forex and Palight) at work today. This is a PVC sheet, 5mm tick, with smooth outer skins and an aero like core. Lightweight and stiff, but in a 45mm wide strip is flexible enough to curve around the inside flange of the wheel arches. I can shape it easily with a file/sandpaper, including a 2.5mm radius on the outer edge. I'm going to have a go at bolting some of these on, using the 10mm or so turnback on the wheel arch flange. Rears need to be about 20mm wider and front 10mm. Pics to follow if I'm successful.

My bodywork is about 1670mm across the rear wheel arches, so it would appear that the bodywork hasn't changed!

Thanks again for the help

Ric H 5th June 2013 18:51

I went down the route of extending the arches with a polyurethane foam core/GRP DIY job. It was a lot of work but I was pleased with the general result. Of course that was in 2007, and I still haven't got around to finishing them and making the body all the same colour... Latest thinking is to go for an all over vinyl wrap. Watch this space. In the meantime, here are a few photos of the arches in case you're feeling you've got too much time on your hands!


MadDogMoggy 5th June 2013 21:19

Nice job and I can see why it took so long. My retest is only in 8 weeks so I don't think I'd get that sort of result in the time. (Retest is just for the bits that the car failed on. Tester let me book it there and then, and told me to pay on the day, in case there was a problem in the mean time).

I did a trial fit of my Foamex 'extensions' today. I think I'm there - just a bit of trimming on the bandsaw at work, clean up the edges and fit them back on. Only snag was the lip under each wheel arch was very narrow. I'll post some pics when they're done.

Should I look at fitting wider wheels I may follow your route, but it would have to be a winter project!

MadDogMoggy 22nd June 2013 15:26

Arches finished
1 Attachment(s)
Wheelarch extensions now finished. 5mm Foamex bent into shape and held with self tappers. Ends filed to a 2.5mm radius.

nutter 18th July 2013 09:01

I had the same issue with my exi last year.

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