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Lucky@LeMans 15th January 2020 17:49

Restmod Style Kit ?
Only thinking out loud but has anyone on here gone with a Restomod style build ? I'm thinking big alloys, low profile tyres with modern engine and updated / uprated suspension. The idea could be adapted to most of the kits on the market. Maybe I've been watching too many episodes of Fast n Loud !!

kon 16th January 2020 08:02

Sounds like a good idea to me. Did you have a car in mind already?

Lucky@LeMans 16th January 2020 08:54

Perhaps a long nose Formosa with an LS7 V8. Maybe one of the new Tribute Z3gato's which will soon be available, you would be half way there with an M Roadster donor car !

DaveP 16th January 2020 20:13

Or a souped up Toyota engine.

Anyone else seen the e-type drift car with a 1JZ in it ? Itís a beast.

Lucky@LeMans 16th January 2020 20:26

Lots of choices out there with engines. Stand alone ecu's from various companies are making modern choices ever more viable. Gone are the days of the Ford Pinto and Crossflow as the engine of choice in your kit, thank God !

smash 20th January 2020 20:07

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Big resto mod fan - I was originally thinking air ride and 20's on the Kalifornia before going traditional. Did some mock up pics at the time...

DaveP 20th January 2020 22:22

That yellow with big black rims is a great look Smash :)

Paul L 26th January 2020 10:56

If this is the style you like, have you seen what Chip Foose did to an E Type?

Ironically, the size of the wheels and tyres is the only thing I donít like about the car. ;)

Lucky@LeMans 26th January 2020 22:46

I watched that video some time ago. Its a fantastic car, yes , the wheels are a couple of inches too big in my opinion also. The interior mods set the car off really well along with the subtle exterior changes.
Look out for a cheap Wildcat Roadster to create something similar !

lancelot link 29th January 2020 16:33

Amazing colour

DaveP 29th January 2020 17:46

Are there any e-type kits left ? They seem to be uncommon these days.

Great option for a rebody, E-type on an XKR ? Nahhh wrong engine :)

Lucky@LeMans 29th January 2020 20:19

They will be out there somewhere ! Lots of older kits are just sitting in garages up and down the country waiting to be rediscovered ! There's always the D type or XK option from Tribute / Old No 7 if you want to build a new car !

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