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ChrisS 21st May 2018 11:24

Prop shaft length
Any tips for getting the right length for the prop shaft when the faces of the gearbox flange and the rear diff flange arenít parallel? Is the distance between the centres of the flanges adequate?

The line of the shaft lines up nicely to the rear diff, it just isnít perpendicular to the diff. Not that that matters

MartinClan 21st May 2018 13:28

Whoever makes the propshaft should/will use a sliding joint so absolute dimensions not an issue as long as they are within the joint's range. There are a few companies out there that make custom propeshafts. Mine was made by Dave Mac. Well made and balanced although I had to ream out the centre hole on the flange at the gearbox end as, on my build (E30), this was used to centralise the propshaft.

Cheers, Robin

ChrisS 21st May 2018 15:00

Thanks. Sounds like the alignment mechanism at the gearbox end is very similar.

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