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casamolino 1st September 2017 18:46

Good evening everything was going really well until i had a Paul moment , i was spraying my new dash on the patio with the dash sat on top of the Workmate , i had sprayed about 6 separate coats with not a great deal left in the can when i decided to move the position of the Workmate slightly , the final coat was sprayed on turned around to put the can down and the dash fell off the workmate the final coat was still wet so the dash was now marked :fear: not easy to see in the photo ,

there are couple of marks on the edge just above the 5 holes for the small dials ,these marks were rubbed down with wet and dry and now need spraying , so i have ordered another can of this , really happy with the dash , very little prep work reqd , Geoff .

molleur 1st September 2017 19:08

Have you ever tried flocking? Can be done at home too.

Paul L 1st September 2017 19:59


I resemble that remark.


Anyway, it could have been worse, at least it wasn't knocked of the workmate by a flying gazebo. :rolleyes:

Good luck fixing it, Paul. :)

Jaguartvr 1st September 2017 20:05

When I finally get the dash I think I will have it flocked but keep the insert where the small instruments sit painted in body colour.
Want to keep the centre console and door panels and if possible keep the original glove box under the new dash.

Jaguartvr 2nd September 2017 11:59

Found this that may be of interest

It is for a 1992 325 but the dash looks very similar.

Can you make a note of connections and wiring colours so we may all copy them. It's silly us all doing the hard work when your already doing it!

Barber 2nd September 2017 12:42

Yes, I plan do do that bit before the top goes on. - but I may just keep the Z3 pod in a revised binacle.

Jaguartvr 8th September 2017 09:09

Come on Geoff, where are the finished pictures? :becky:

casamolino 8th September 2017 09:31

Morning rain stopped play , Geoff .

Jaguartvr 8th September 2017 09:43


Can't you get the wife to hold the umbrella?

casamolino 25th September 2017 08:53

Morning finally had a chance to make some progress on the dash , it is now fitted but not yet bolted in. This will allow me check the warning lights and gauges , i would probably not want to do the same again!but it does look good , rewiring the BMW circuit board to allow for warning lights on the dash was not easy as there is also limited space to fit everything in . The lights i ended up using were small chrome LED units , all the supposed "classic style lights" i saw were much to large , this is the first time i have used LED lights and the quality of the unit is just OK , after wiring up them i thought they were rubbish as a number did not work! it turns out that unlike the normal 12v dc bulbs the LED`s only work with batt and earth one way around:icon_surprised: . The rewired BMW circuit board can be seen in the second photo but will be hidden by the new centre console but the mileometer will still be able to be seen , Geoff .

Jaguartvr 25th September 2017 09:09

Can't see any pictures.

Did you keep the details of the wiring colours and what goes where?
Would be very useful.

casamolino 25th September 2017 09:16

Jag the pictures are there for me , can anybody else see them? Geoff .

Jaguartvr 25th September 2017 09:33

I can only see them if I click on each one and "open in new tab".

Looks good. Are you going to be able to keep and use the original glove box?

I'm glad to see you haven't fitted an ignition switch on the dash. The keys alway jangle annoyingly and damage the dash, starter button OK.

couerdelion 25th September 2017 10:22

I can see them all fine (windows 10 / Chrome)

Jaguartvr 25th September 2017 10:29

pop up blocker was stopping them from showing.

casamolino 25th September 2017 10:58

Thank you for the updates , Geoff .

oxford1360 25th September 2017 11:07

Like you I overlooked that the "D" in LED is for diode. Hence current will flow only one way.

The connectors are usually different lengths. The longer leg is the positive (in nearly all cases) unless they are packaged in a unit. You can't (usually) damage them by wiring them backwards.

casamolino 9th October 2017 09:38

Good morning , just a few pics from Cars and Coffee (Wirral) yesterday , the Jag was a glorious thing , Geoff .

couerdelion 9th October 2017 11:40

What feedback did you get on your car Geoff?

Less obvious its modern with the new dash?

casamolino 10th October 2017 19:15

Good evening , the dash and the way that i put the instruments together is a mission , but it really is a good finishing touch , pretty much the only clue to the Z3 heritage is the small BMW marked on the bottom corner of the windscreen , although at one point during the morning i did see and hear somebody say it was based on a Z3 after googling a registration website! Geoff .

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