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casamolino 8th December 2017 18:47

Good evening all , my car lives outside but is usually covered with a "Triple lined car cover" this works fine until it is really windy as in the last couple of days!

so the first snow of the winter has fallen , i wonder if Jeff used an anti-snow protection coat when he had finished spraying my car . In my opinion the paintwork looks just as good as when i picked the car up , so thanks Jeff , Geoff .

Paul L 8th December 2017 19:07

Great photos. :cool:

I also did an impersonation of 'Mary Poppins' earlier today as I tried to get the car cover back on mine. :rolleyes:

Cheers, Paul. :)

Jaguartvr 12th December 2017 09:19

Hi Geoff,

was looking for some information on Jaguar dashboards for another project and came across a picture of a series 1 xj6 dash.

if you look at the centre oval where the small instruments sit, looks like a dead ringer for the 250 dash insert.
Just a thought.

casamolino 12th December 2017 18:16

Evening Jag thanks for that , this is what my dash looks like.

The top row of switches are from left to right,a standard Z3 air con switch modified to look "old fashioned" then two switches for front and rear fogs (only rear in use) then a switch for the Hazards.
The next row down are the three Z3 Heater controls again modified. The hole above the line of four switches allows me to see the Z3 mileometer (this is where i positioned the Z3 instrument cluster PCB) this came in useful at MOT time!
The two things left to do are to make a panel to replace the Z3 Glove Box which no longer fits and to find some 8mm sticky vinyl letters to stick on the heads of the various switches
F for Fog L for Lights etc , Geoff .

Jaguartvr 12th December 2017 19:19

Looking good.
Shame the original glove box doesn't fit anymore, would have made it easier.
Is the mileometer visible? I presume it will need to be for MOT's.

JoeB 13th December 2017 13:48

Hi Geoff

How come the glove box no longer fits with the new dashboard? Does it just not line up or something? I will hopefully be fitting my new dash in the next few weeks so just after a bit of info.

casamolino 13th December 2017 14:41

Good afternoon , ref the glovebox , it would fit in relation to the dash , but because of the curved edge on the right hand side of the glovebox i could not work out a way of combining it with a new centre console , i definitely did not want to retain the standard Z3 centre console as that would have been the last thing in my car which would give a clue to its origin . When i had my MOT done (last month) the tester did ask the mileage reading as he could not see it , i pointed it out to him and he took the reading , i dont know what would have been the result if he could not see a reading (fail? or advisory?) Geoff .

casamolino 5th March 2018 13:29

Good afternoon last week i spent a couple of days down in MK , i had not been for a decent drive in the SWB for a couple of months so i used that , first the bad points ,
1 The blast of air that came into the interior that was so refreshing when in Italy 2 years ago was bloody cold when its just come from Siberia!
2 Metal gear knobs can get very cold when the outside temp is freezing .
good points
1 I drove back on Friday (just gone) when there was a couple of inches of snow on the ground and my narrow tyres worked really well as everybody else was sliding around on their wide tyres .
2 The heater works really well .

Just need to wash it know , Geoff .

Mitchelkitman 5th March 2018 16:20

Can I ask (I looked, but couldn't find!) what size wheels/tyres and offset? Any issues on full lock? If good, these would be the way I'd want to go If I progress with one of these kits.

molleur 5th March 2018 17:01


Originally Posted by Mitchelkitman (Post 93669)
Can I ask (I looked, but couldn't find!) what size wheels/tyres and offset? Any issues on full lock? If good, these would be the way I'd want to go If I progress with one of these kits.


casamolino 5th March 2018 18:28

Will check and post up first thing tomorrow , Geoff .

casamolino 6th March 2018 10:22

Good morning , my wheels are BMW 5 series 6.5 x 15 ET20 steels with Avon ZV7 tyres 195/65/15 , i bought the wheels from Mister Towed and it was he that drilled all the small holes (god knows how much time and drill bits) , i have had them blasted and coated , no issues on full lock , thanks Geoff .

Mitchelkitman 6th March 2018 12:15

That's useful - thanks. I believe Mr Towed bought them new off Ebay, but I've searched, (even tried but seem to only be able to find 47 offset, or wider rims. The World is in turmoil :hurt:

Jaguartvr 6th March 2018 12:41

Have a look on eBay.DE
I found some steel style but in alloy, £80 for a set plus reasonable shipping but it was last year.
Worth a look

molleur 6th March 2018 12:49

Would love to get the BMW numbers for the steel style alloy's,
been looking here but no luck yet.

DaveP 6th March 2018 13:16

I recently bought some 5 series (for an F10/F11 model) from eBay that were 16 inch but a decent offset of 33.

They won’t be to everyone’s taste as the design shows the holes in the steels are oval shaped. I was after a custom slot-mag sort of style rather than Dunlop’s.

If you have a Faceballs account here is my post

They were 6.5J 16 ET33 and I bought them from Poland. Cost £115 for four including postage.

I have since had them banded by a chap in Essex by 1inch front and 2 inch back.

So now I have (if my maths is right) of course as the banding is attached to the ou side of the wheel the width changes but the backspace doesn’t, hence I have

7.5J 16 ET 21 fronts
8.5J 16 ET 8 rears

I plan putting on 225/50 16 fronts and 245/45 16 rears this week and then mine are going on a Kobra soon. Will share pics when I have them.


Mitchelkitman 6th March 2018 18:48


Originally Posted by Jaguartvr (Post 93679)
Have a look on eBay.DE
I found some steel style but in alloy, £80 for a set plus reasonable shipping but it was last year.
Worth a look

I'd be after (real) steel wheels (new ones).

Jaguartvr 6th March 2018 19:21

Meths is very good and won't damage plastic.

WorldClassAccident 7th March 2018 12:32

Meths is very good

Does this relate to an earlier posting or have you fallen off the wagon again?


molleur 7th March 2018 13:02

It is merely a pigment of his lamination!

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