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Jaguartvr 7th March 2018 13:10


Originally Posted by WorldClassAccident (Post 93695)
Meths is very good

Does this relate to an earlier posting or have you fallen off the wagon again?


Should have been posted on Nostromo's post about masking tape.
Nice with ice and a slice :spit:

casamolino 26th April 2018 11:19

The following Ebay purchase is certainly not the most interesting item i have bought! but they do the job , ,

I have also changed the centre console to a MK2 version the MK1 hid the 3 BMW heater controls but i could not get them to operate efficiently i did want to hide them as they are the last item in the interior that gives a clue to the BMW heritage .

The final interior change is a net fitted behind the seats to give extra luggage capacity .

couerdelion 26th April 2018 12:13

What does the AFFH stand for?

Ive gone for a change of knobs to see if it masks the look of the BMW a little bit.

PS. Looks great by the way - plenty of ideas there to inspire

DaveP 26th April 2018 12:32

I still really like those Dunlop-alikes

But I was a cheap-skate and bought plastic nut covers (oo-err) instead of new clean bolts.


casamolino 26th April 2018 13:27

[QUOTE=couerdelion;94524]What does the AFFH stand for?

Its Air Con/Front Fog/Rear Fog/Hazards , Geoff .

couerdelion 26th April 2018 13:46


Originally Posted by couerdelion (Post 94524)
What does the AFFH stand for?

Its Air Con/Front Fog/Rear Fog/Hazards , Geoff .

Thanks Geoff - been trying to work out what switches I need from memory of what was there before.

I think it's just front/rear fogs, hazards, horn (will be seperate from steering wheel I think) and then lights (3 way = off/side/full) then still use stalks for everything else. I've no aircon.

casamolino 26th April 2018 15:08


Originally Posted by casamolino (Post 94526)

Thanks Geoff - been trying to work out what switches I need from memory of what was there before.

I think it's just front/rear fogs, hazards, horn (will be seperate from steering wheel I think) and then lights (3 way = off/side/full) then still use stalks for everything else. I've no aircon.

Couerdelion my light switch is fitted to the right of the steering column in the dash in a similar position to the Z3 , i have a horn button fitted on the left hand side of the steering column (this can be seen in the picture showing my centre console) Geoff .

casamolino 6th May 2018 15:16

On Friday last i decided it was time to have the Air-Con re-gassed , for various reasons it had not been used for some time , after ringing around it became clear that the days of the £40 recharge are long gone , i ended up paying £80 plus a couple of quid extra for a failed seal . Now dependent on which internet site you believe the cost has increased because
1 A new different more expensive refrigerant has to be used,
2 Imports of the cheap stuff from China have been banned,
3 The older charge units that some garages have are no longer suitable ,
anyway its done just in time for this years UK heatwave , Geoff .

casamolino 18th September 2018 08:39

Good morning i am sure that some on here will be aware that my SWB is for sale , a constant question i had was what was my car registered on the V5 know it never bothered me that my car was still on the V5 as a BMW Z3 , but i decided that it would probably be worthwhile to have a change , in fact one person strongly suggested that it would no longer be possible to MOT my car as it did not look like a Z3! , i MOTd it a week later with no problems before sending the paperwork of to the DVLA ,so i am know driving around in a Tribute 250 , Geoff .

kevemm 18th September 2018 09:28

Geoff to be fair all rebody or replicas must be registered correctly so the questions are correct you cant leave the car as per the original model and make that's has been the case for quite some time even just a re body.
With ANPR you would also run the risk of your car looking like someone had cloned the number plate so it has to be this way. Some of the older replicas C types registered as the original XJ6 Auto etc are really worthless and would require IVA it will happen sooner or later you just dont want to be the person with the car at the time and losing all that money.

Egdik 18th September 2018 10:39

DVLA changes
1 Attachment(s)
When my Z3 was put back on the road I contacted the people at DVLA. They seemed to be a competent department, covering a small area of vehicles.

I asked them to title the make of my body conversion as a BMW Tribute 275GTB. They accepted this and gave this as the whole make, rather than title and type. So nothing appears in the type or model spaces. Finally they changed the convertible to coupe at my request.

It will be worth your while ringing them up to get details of what you could title your car. I provided a receipt from Tribute and some photos. Chris was knowledgeable and helpful.

See page 16 of my thread

Attachment 5513

NeilF355 18th September 2018 10:47

Geoff to echo what Kevemm says and give you my own personal experience of the V5C descriptions of body panel kit cars situation - completely out of the blue one day in back in 2007 I received a note (see attached) from my local DVLA office (when they still had local offices) asking to inspect my car.

When I phoned them up to ask if it was about the F355 kit I had put on my MR2 they refused to say. At this point I got somewhat annoyed and asked what would happen if I didn’t turn up for the appointment, to which they replied that I would not be able to re-tax the vehicle until the inspection had been done, effectively putting my car off the road in under a year.

On the day of the inspection they phoned me up and asked me to bring all my documentation relating to the kit I had added to the car. When I got there they looked around the car and I explained how the kit was added to the existing monocoque body. They were satisfied that I had still retained the identity of the original car (as I had not altered the monocoque) and they proceeded to change the description of the car on the V5 so I left a happy chappy.

It is also my understanding, although I have never heard of it happening, that an MOT inspector is quite within his rights to refuse to MOT test a car if the description of the car does not match its appearance.

I have since built a 250 GTO body panel kit for which I have also had the V5C description changed. There is certainly a lot more awareness of this requirement amongst buyers of completed kit cars to the extent that not having had the V5C description changed can effect the value of the car.

DaveP 18th September 2018 11:09

I did the same as most advice on here. Filled in the requisite form, included invoices and pics with the original V5. I took 3 weeks to get the response and new V5 with Make : BMW Tribute Kobra, Model : blank.

I needed to then let the insurance company know to cover off things with them also as they knew I was converting from Z3 to Kobra when I originally did the deal with them A Plan Thatcham.

I thought I had to go through these steps as didn’t want to fall foul of insurance and or the boys in blue / anpr.


Jaguartvr 18th September 2018 11:17

When I was hunting for my Daytona I used the DVLA MOT history site. Put in the reg number and it tells you what it is registered as. I was surprised how many Daytona's were still registered as Jaguar XJ's or XJS's. Would take a lot of time and money to get one through an IVA, would mean the values would be a lot less if not almost unsaleable.

Lucky@LeMans 18th September 2018 14:44

There really isn't an excuse not to sort this out with a rebody kit. It is just a simple paperwork exercise. No cost and little effort to get it all legal.

NeilF355 18th September 2018 16:25


Originally Posted by Jaguartvr (Post 96855)
the DVLA MOT history site. Put in the reg number and it tells you what it is registered as.

I'm not sure if that's always true Jaguartvr. I have a kit car which is described on the DVLAs "Check if a vehicle is taxed and has an MOT" database exactly as it says on the V5C.

However the same car on the DVLAs "Check MOT history" database has a spelling error in the cars description which leads me to believe that the two databases are independent of each other and that cross checks to match up the descriptions are not done.

So unless the MOT history database is manually updated when the V5C is changed then the info could be out of date.

Jaguartvr 18th September 2018 16:29

Sorry, it was "Check MOT history" that I was using. You don't have to put the make and model in, just the reg number and it will then tell you the make and model.

scimjim 18th September 2018 18:37

yep - DVLA & DVSA use different databases, I had problems with a reg transfer because of it!

All of my cars have different names on the two databases!

Egdik 26th December 2018 13:39

MoT history
It is interesting to note that 546FTE does not get a response on the 'Check MoT history' site; except the instruction to check the correct registration has been entered . . .

Jaguartvr 26th December 2018 15:04

The number may be on retention as I don't think it was being sold with the car.

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